estimate for carrara marble in NYC

mandyoApril 3, 2008

I just got back an estimate for installing white carrara marble in my kitchen. It came out to over $6,000 for about 35 sq ft. Is that reasonable? How much is it normally per square foot? Thanks for any feedback!

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We paid $80 per sf and I learned after that was high, should have been closer to $60. But I'm not in NYC.

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I'm not in NYC either, but I got a similar amount of marble from one large slab installed with one large sink cut out and the honing for about $2500. I think marble has gone up since then -- so many designers and magazines are showing it whereas it was a "not for kitchens" material when we were looking.

Price per square foot is a misleading way to look at your cost. There are so many things that can impact your price, and what you ultimately worry about is the bottom line. The visual appeal of your slab and whether it is graded with one name or another can impact your price. The size or your slabs and how your pieces fit on them with how much waste will have an impact on your price -- the cutouts, the holes drilled, the honing, the edge detail and the degree of craftsmanship and the reputation behind the work and installation are all factors, as well as location and transportation issues, whether sealing is included or an extra charge. Even the size of the job. My marble came from Italy on a ship. My granite came from Canada on a truck and cost more than the marble in part because of the transportation cost. At least I didn't have to pay for honing it.

Your quote seems high to me, but you are in NYC and marble is much more popular nad trendier now than it was when I got mine. I also suspect that you are running into a minimum pricing for a job. The installer still has to travel and alot half a day or more for the job and has to cover that time. epending on your location and other issues, it could be a full day job even though he could install three times as much in a day somewhere else.

Regardless, you should get a minimum of 2 or 3 quotes, prefereably 3, so you can judge the costs and the way the fabricators in your area compare. And ask questions about why the cost is what it is and what is included.

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That quote is outrageous! $171 per sq ft! but then you are in NYC. carrara marble is not considered an expensive stone. In los angeles, you can get the slab for about $15-$20 per sq ft + $30 per sq ft for fabrication and installation. Total is $50 per sq ft x 35 = $1750

For $171 you should be getting semi precious stones such as lapiz lazuli, amethyst, agate etc.

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Six months ago I paid 4K for 80 s.f installed, pencil edge, two under-mount sinks and two faucets. I am in metro Detroit.


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For $171 you should be getting semi precious stones such as lapiz lazuli, amethyst, agate etc.

Not in NYC. In the city, you pay thru the nose for everything. Especially in Manhattan.

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Can you tell us where in NYC you went? I am looking for the same thing as you and definitely don't want a quote from them! Thanks!

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if you're going through a KD or kitchen showroom i can see how you'd get that kind of quote. as others have mentioned carrara is not a "premium" marble so the cost should be MUCH lower. even in nyc. was this quote from a kitchen showroom or directly from a fabricator? if you got this from a showroom they're tacking on a huge commission for themselves. if it was through a fabricator, find a new one. GL!

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That's crazy. Try going in to Chelsea Kitchens (Eighth Avenue & 17th Street). They have a great Carrera marble counter in one of their displays, and ask if they do the counters without doing a full kitchen with them. I'd be surprised if it will cost that much.

Also, Urban Homes on 11th Avenue and about 51st Street. And across the street from Urban Homes (on 11th, maybe a block or 2 up) there is a nice tile, granite place. Try there too.

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I agree with that being a crazy price -- even in NYC. Tell us who (what kind of business) gave you that quote and in which borough you are located.

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