Spa plumbing and jet question

1newbieNovember 22, 2011

Plumbing my own inground gunite spa. Any advice on different waterway poly gunite jets (roto, directional, massage, etc)? Don't really enjoy the air injection, should I cap the air fitting on waterway T-body or run to a stand pipe. My spa is 1/2 inground and 1/2 above ground. Can I plumb a 'T' into suction line into a stand-pipe at coping level so that spa does not overflow during rain? What is best way to plumb an overflow. First post, but pool is all tile and 99% done, detached spa at pre-gunite stage.

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I would not cap the air fittings. You can stub up each fitting above the water level and add an air fitting that can be turned off.
Overflows are normally installed just above the tile line. Keep in mind that several bodies in a spa can raise the water level up a lot. I would install an auto-fill as well.
If your detached spa operates off the same wquipment as the pool, you can over flow into the pool using a skimmer.
Good luck.

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If you have not poured the conccrete yet then I would highly encourage you to add an automatic water leveller unit. This have built in overflow drains which are adjustable in height and the convenience of an auto filling spa can not be understated.

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This is really dependent on whether the spa has its own circulation system and equipment or if it is shared or can be shared with the pool.

We need to know how you plan to equip it. Sometimes drains to the pool are appropriate. As golfgeek suggested, displacement really needs to be considered. There is no one right answer.


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