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raya7694April 8, 2010

My realtor just gave me a bunch of little folded cards to pass out. Do people really pass these out. They are nice and all but my friends all know I am selling.

Anyone advertise this way? On facebook? Just curious?

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Oh, for heaven's sake either just do it (at the mall if you like) or don't.

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I would expect my Realtor to advertise online; Trulia,, Zillow or similar webpage(s).
Advertise in local Realty magazine,
Print colored flyers for box attached to prominent 'For Sale' sign.
Invite other Realtors for 'open house'.

I have not heard of passing out cards!

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Why do the work you are paying a Realtor to do?

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I'm confused a little! Many realtors get clients by word of mouth. I have referred my own many times to my friends and newcomers to the area, having some cards to give them is a big plus! What exactly is on the little cards? I've seen lots of sale ads on facebook and other social nets.

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I can understand the real estate agent giving you a few cards to keep handy in your bag, but I would think it's really up to him/her, not you, to spend the time to get the word out on your house.

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To sell your house, you must get the word out to as many people as possible.

Even though "all your friends" know you're selling, *they won't always remember to tell their other friends/family/church people/work chums*.

& if they do remember, the friends, etc likely won't remember your address or your agent's name, etc.

Any kind of "visual aid" is helpful, & anything you can do to facilitate the sale will be in your best interest.

Pass out those cards at work & at church, give 'em to the waiter at the restaurant & the cashier at McDonald's (she has parents & teachers & aunts & uncles)...

I once had an agent who paid a toll at the "change made" booth, & she handed the toll booth guy a card.

She sold him a condo.

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