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pdsgatorNovember 6, 2012

I am trying to finalize my pool design. I wanted to do a pool bar mostly to be able to sit at and look over lake. However, with the elevation change I am not sure it works. There is a four foot plus wall for the spa that abuts the bar area. It seems like it could be cramped and essentially hidden from view from the outside covered area.

I am trying to take advantage of the fall to the lake and like the look of elevation change for visual interest. I would appreciate any ideas or input to improve the design. Thanks for your input.

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This is a picture of the backyard with some of the lake.

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very hard to see the design.
Can you load it another way.

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Here is a pic hopefully easier to see. Thanks for looking.

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A guy I know had a very similar pool built. His bar area was part of a sunken outdoor kitchen and was located over where your planter is. The way you have your bar looks like your back would be towards the lake instead of looking out towards it. Anyway, his pool also had an infinity edge from the bar across the back of the pool with about a 4' drop since he had slope to deal with as well.

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I am confused about the sunshelf area.
You are walking up 18" to the sunshelf where I assume you are entering the pool as I see no other steps. So if pool is level you are stepping down 27-30" to the sunshelf.
Or you have magic water that flows up there, or that upper area is a basin and flows down the steps into the pool.
If that is the case you will need more steps to enter and get out of the pool.
Or it is supposed to show -18", then you are climbing over a wall to get in the pool, and its not showing that on the plan.
Something is missing.

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Yes, it's supposed to be - 18, thus the step. Thanks for catching that. I plan on sitting more on the outside than inside, thus locating the bar where it is. However, I think it's blocked by the spa and am thinking of moving bar top to fire pit area and maybe making the fire pit in the pool ledge with the bar on one side and the outside seating on the other.

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Or maybe the pool could have a raised bond beam all around to make the sun shelf work?

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