Water not coming through one of the returns

sjpoolownerNovember 2, 2011


I have an in-ground pool with two returns. Today I noticed that water doesn't seem to come through one of the returns. I put my hand in front of it and couldn't feel anything. The other return shoots water just fine and everything else seems working okay.

What seems to be the problem? Does that mean that the pipe leading to that return is clogged somewhere? Normally, this return shoots water less strong than the other one that is currently working okay. Not sure if that is relevant.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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It's unlikely that the line is plugged bcause most return water is filtered prior to returning to the pool. Sometimes a dirty filter will magnify a situation where return lines are not well balanced.
You can try cleaning the filter. And you can also flush the weak return with a garden hose in case some constuction debrey might have been trapped.

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What happens when you take your hand and cover the working one?

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I agree with the possibility of a dirty filter. Our pool has a DE filter and two returns. The return closer to the filter has considerably more pressure than the one at the other end, so we use an eyeball fitting on the closer return, and it helps to balance the pressure.

When the filter needs bumping (cleaning), there's almost no pressure from the further return. After bumping, both returns are fairly even again.

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