Is this some kind of scam?

christy2828April 7, 2009

I got this email today, in response to an ad I placed on Craigslist. Is this just some kind of scam?? Thanks, Christy


I saw your property for sale on craigslist. I think I might be interested but I need a little more information before I can start formulating an offer and come see it. So if you could help me out with the details that would be great. (I'm an investor and buy a lot of properties of all price ranges and need to know all the details. I'm NOT a realtor. I buy houses, not list them.)

If you could just visit my site real quick and enter your zip code that will take you to my secure and private form. Just list the basic details and that will allow me to get the information I need and to track it so I can begin my process of making an offer. This also lets me know which houses are still available (I'm tired of calling on old listings!).

So please go to: (enter a zip code to see the form). After you enter your zip code you'll see my form to enter your property information there and after doing that you'll be contacted probably in about 24-48hrs (hopefully sooner).

This just gives me the info I need and you're not obligated to sell or anything like that.

If you could do this right now that would be great because I'm looking to get something in this area very soon (takes only a minute or two).

Thanks again for your help : )

Talk soon.

Ryan Sullivan

Local Real Estate Investors

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It's spam I have received the same email.

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If this seems to be the spam others have talked about, can you contact Craigs list and have it removed.

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What is the scam? What happens to those who enter their listing details?

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The scam is that he isn't buying houses. He is collecting a data base of information to sell and make money from.

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Thanks :) I smelled a scam but wanted to make sure. I would contact Craigslist if it would do any good. They still can't get rid of prostitution!!

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This is spam. If you go to the website in your email, you'll see it really takes you to another site called

This is a marketing website. Don't even think of responding.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marketleverage Web Site

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