How long to wait before putting things back in cabinets

eriepatchApril 12, 2012

We are finishing up painting our kitchen cabinets and I'm wondering how long you waited before putting stuff back your cabinets. Shelves and doors were removed for painting. We painted inside cabinets too. I don't want to rush this but want to get my kitchen back in order. If anyone remembers, we painted very dark stained oak cabinets. Mayonnaise was the chosen BM Waterborne Satin Impervo color. So far I am very happy with the color and the paint.

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This is going to kill you probably, but think BIG PICTURE, ok?

I believe when you paint windowsills in your house, for example (it's a horizontal surface) you are supposed to wait 3 weeks before putting stuff on it or it might leave marks)

Only reason I know that is because we had our house painted right before T-Giving one year, and I had to wait it out to put candles in the windows for Christmas. And I didn't know about this "rule", I did put stuff on my mantle after I painted it, and there were marks.

Patience. You've come all this way--hang in there.


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Thanks Bee and that's what I've been telling DH. He thinks we can put stuff back over the weekend. I said I'm fine with 2 weeks! This has been an awful process as you know and I sure don't want them messed up over impatience.

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I put things back into my laundry room a week after the shelves had been painted.

Things stuck to the shelves.

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Oh dear! I never heard this before. We recently repainted our pantry shelves and restocked them as soon as the paint was dry. I just went and had a look and nothing is sticking and I don't see any marks. We used oil based paint, perhaps the rule is for latex or maybe I was just lucky but I think I had better be more careful in the future.

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Thanks to all. Since my shelves are out of the cabinets
I may start putting a few things on one of them in a few days
to see what happens. Can always put that one up high if it has marks.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

A trick I use, after waiting a few days, is to put down wall paper scraps. I cut squares (or circles) a little bigger around than the base of dishes, or items that I want to place. Put the print side up, place items, and after a few weeks, remove the paper. If it sticks a little at the pressure spots, which rarely happens, I wet the residue and wipe it off. I haven't done this on a window sill, but have used the scraps on open shelves. This involves the extra step of moving items out to remove the paper (or not, if you can't see it, and don't mind that it's there), but it sure helps to get the kitchen organized asap.

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