Lucky night for me at guild meeting!

tuppermomJune 26, 2012

It was the last meeting of the year tonight and we save all of out block-or-the-month draws and do them at the last meeting. I won the Dec. blocks, which were 33 Sno-globe blocks! I also won the FQ draw and came home with 15 floral FQS!

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You are so right!!!! Lucky lucky you!!!! If you decide you would rather not have the snow globes, you have my address! They are beauties!!!!


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So nice to win isn't it? Congratulations!

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Those are really neat! I particularly like the Currier & Ives looking one on the dark blue background! It'll make a fun quilt...just ask Marsha!

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You are so lucky!!!! I really needed those sno globes last year ~lol~ lucky girl! You will be able to make a few quilts with your winnings.

Hoffman has a really classy free Sno globe quilt pattern.

I made up my own pattern & layout when I made my quirky Snoglobe quilt for my niece's Christmas present. I hand embroidered snowflakes in the globe part (thank you again Teresa for showing me how!) and I added additional wool batting behind the globe part to poof out the round globe - trapunto.

I am envious of your winnings! So much you can do with these blocks. I can't wait to see what you make. They are fun to work with.

Another Sno globe quilt is definitely in my future.

My completed quilt:

Close up of a block:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Congratulations! It looks like you have a nice variety of snow globes. Have fun!


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Congratulations. What a nice assortment. You will be able to make something wonderful with those. And, there's still time before the next Christmas.

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I am sure not into Christmas kitsch, and aside from a tree with natural elements on it, and a creche on the mantle seldom decorate.............but I'd make a huge exception for a quilt made with those blocks! That's about the cutest Christmas blocks I've ever seen. Very creative. Congrats! Hey 15 FQs are noting to sneeze at either.

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WOW! What a great win. The snow globes a wonderful and just the right time of year to begin thinking of something to used them in. You must be excited. I agree 15 FQ would make my heart beat Congratulations and enjoy.

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What great winnings! How fun for you. It makes my little bag of Marimekko scraps seem kind of puny. But I'll take what I can get. Congratulations. Lois

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Congrats!! When you're hot you're hot!! I love the snowglobes thay will make a good size quilt.

Love yours Marsha!!!

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I am going to have so much fun with the Snow Globes!
Marcia your snow globe quilt is lovely!

The exciting thing about winning the FQs is that I am making a quilt for the family shelter that my sister works at to be used as a raffle quilt and guessed is all florals!

I don't often win anything at our guild meetings but even a single FQ in the membership draw is exciting.


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