shaws farmhouse sink? crazing commom?

michelle16April 18, 2012

Hi I have heard that some people complained about crazing over time with the shaws sink.Some say they won't pour hot water in it.I LOVE the look of the sink and want to purchase it, but afraid once it's in I might have a problem.I will def. be making pasta and puring some hot water in there! LOL! Do u think these situations are rare, or common enough to stay away??Thx in advance, Michelle

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Noticed you didn't get any responses so I thought I'd just stick in my two cents. I'd planned on putting in a fireclay sink and my first post on this forum was about whether to do a single or double bowl. There was some discussion about crazing and cracking that was pretty scary. I asked my KD, GC, plumbing suppliers and pretty much anyone else I could about their experience with fireclay sinks. My KD and GC both said they have installed numerous fireclay sinks and not had a single issue with them and hadn't heard of problems with them other than the potential to crack it when putting in a GD. The plumbing suppliers I spoke with all said fireclay sinks have been around for years and years and they feel confident selling them and haven't had problems. They pointed out that any product can have issues. No problems with pouring hot pasta water into the sink. Have to pay attention putting on the garbage disposal but people have been using GDs with fireclay sinks without issue for years. That made me feel more confident about the decision to purchase a fireclay sink.

That being said, that same thread also introduced me to a copper sink manufacturer and I ended up purchasing one. I will admit to some relief with that decision because I would have felt the need to baby a fireclay sink. I think you'll find complaints and issues with just about any product out there. Unhappy people are the most likely to voice an opinion. There are a lot of people on this site with fireclay sinks and I think the majority of them are very happy with their decision.

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"No problems with pouring hot pasta water into the sink."

That's not what the manufacturer says.

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I've had a Rohl Shaw's sink installed for over three years now. Been pretty consistently pouring hot pasta water, boiling lobster water, scalding you-name-it water into it over that same period of time. There's not been even a hint of crazing anywhere. IOW, my direct and prolonged experience with my Shaw's fireclay is the same as Poohpup's KD and GC: the sink stands up.

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I have the Shaw's. The first one we got developed a hairline crack at install. Rohl replaced it even though the marble installer had hit the sink. Rohl declared it to be a "thermal crack." The one we have now has been without incident for over a year. The rep at Rohl said that you can pour boiing in water into the sink. The sinks are fired at much higher temps. I would suggest you contact him to get your questions answered. His name is Victor Serrato.

I am happy with the sink except for one thing -- it does not drain well.

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Circus Peanut

Whence the information re. boiling water, Marcolo?

Everyone pours boiling water into their kitchen sink. It'd be crazy not to be able to do this. I've done so for over 3 years with my fireclay kitchen sink with no problem whatsoever, and whereas mine is a lowly Whitehaus, not a Shaw's, the manufacturer didn't say a word about forbidding hot water.

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From all the past threads I've seen about fireclay sinks I've seen confirmed reports of cracking from over tightening of garbage disposals. I've seen strange comments about pouring of boiling water, but all from people that decided against the sinks and at least one report of Rohl saying there was no problem pouring boiling water in the sink as well as many owners saying they pour boiling water in all the time and to think you couldn't would be very strange.

I've never seen anything to confirm that Rohl recommends against it, and their warranty just specifies "normal use". If somebody can point me to reliable information to the contrary, that would be great, otherwise I'm treating it as an urban myth.

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I seriously doubt any fireclay sink manufacturer states that you shouldn't pour hot water into one of their sinks. I can't find anything like that in any of the care instructions or warranty. I can't imagine they'd sell a whole lot of sinks with that kind of language in their sink brochures.

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Thanks to everyone for your replies, as far as the boiling water issue, I will call them and see what they say.Marcolo-can you tell me where you found this in the literature so I can reference it when I call? there is simply no way around not pouring boiling water into the sink-if you don't have another sink where do you drain the pasta? I'm Italian, and I'm not about to run into the laundry room and pour it into the slop sink!!LOL! Thanks again for your replies!

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I will say that Blanco and Elkay both recommend running cold water while pouring boiling water into their fireclay sinks, but Rohl (Shaws and Allia) doesn't seem to.

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I do run cold water when I drain pasta. My hubby is not nearly as careful.

My sink is 6 yrs old. No crazing. A few chips from heavy objects before I bought the sink grid. Bought the grid for the bottom of the sink to protect the sink and that helps.

Building again, and I plan to do the same sink again in the double 40" version.

It's a great sink.

A little soapy bleach water twice a month or so whitens the bottom right up.

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I can't imagine a sink not being able to handle hot water, but then I didn't expect my 2 month old Shaw's Fireclay sink to develop pits in the finish that Rohl says are chips due to impact. I have remodeled 7 kitchens over the past 20 years and selected this sink knowing I would need to be more careful with it, because it was so beautiful. However, having teated it with kid gloves and already having it look like it's old and beat up, never again!

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