ORB faucet and pulls - do you test finish?

kulagalApril 4, 2008

I would like to have ORB pulls on my shaker-style cabs, maple or rift oak, in a med brown stain and the island will be stained in ebony/black. Counter top will be Silestone (Sienna Ridge - black, brown, cream mixture). I showed 2 samples of pulls that I had gotton a couple of months ago in the states (one at Lowe's and one at a warehouse in TX)to a friend recently and she immediately asked for some steel wool and began rubbing on each of them. One of them showed the brass right through the finish (from Lowe's) and the other remained dark just like the pull. Unfortunately, the one from the warehouse does not have a name on the little bag so I don't know what kind of ORB it is called. The one from Lowe's is called Antique Bronze. Did or do any of you "test" the finish on your hardware to see how much brass would come through? I guess I'm wondering how long does it take for these finishes to rub off naturally. Is there a way to keep them dark? And also, I like the darker bronze vs. the copper, rustic tint that some have. Re faucets: has anyone seen the Grohe Bridgeford (one-handle) ORB faucet - looks really nice but can't go check out the product since I live overseas at the moment and the website does not show this model in ORB. Would love to hear your opinions, show pics if any. Thanks so much! It's great to have this site to go to since I live so far from home.

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No, but I should have. I picked up what I thought was an awesome deal months on ORB knobs from Lowes before we were even thinking of starting.I got 30 ORB knobs for .50 cents each.They are supposed to be solid brasss underneath and felt good and heavy not cheap at all.
Now I know why, we have already replaced 2 as the finish just falls off ,seriously. Now I am searching for knobs that the ORB won't come off. Which is why I still have duct tape on the drawers I am afraid to put the cup pulls on even thought I didnt get them at Lowes. I didnt get an ORB faucet so I don't know about that. I imagine that since it is a higher dollar value item that the finish would be better.

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I tested inadvertently: In the store the finish scratched off with a fingernail on one of my favorites (until that moment!). One of the problems I had was trying to get the finishes kind of the same since I mixed brands, so I had some of them powder coated (found the place in the yellow pages) and the finish was quite durable. This might work if you had trouble with something you already own, so you wouldn't have to fill holes or find the identical size IYKWIM.

Colors are sort of monochromatic, but I think the right paint or some other substance could "bronze" them up for you with the good base.

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What does IYKWIM mean????

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heh heh "If You Know What I Mean" :)

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Bump ... OP makes some good points about checking the finish of ORB hardware. Anyone else want to comment about their hardware finishes .... brand name, good, bad or ugly ??

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I ordered orb pulls from yourhomesupply.com. When they came, I tried scratching them to see if there was any problem. They seemed fine. I decided to order a sample of the same looking pull, from a different vendor at a higher price. I was anxious to see if it would be visibly different. I decided that if it turned out that the higher priced one was really better, I would just admit defeat and order the pricier ones. (drumroll...) I could not tell the difference at all. I actually ended up forgetting which was the pricey one and could not see ANY difference.

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