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raya7694April 6, 2010

We have had only two showing during an open house and have another open house scheduled this weekend. Our house is not in a sought after area/school?

I am thinking we need to drop the price if nothing happens with the open house?

Comps show competitive price and realtor initially said it would be a quick sale.

Any advice?

Here is a link that might be useful: Homne

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Your house looks pretty good to me. How long have you been on the market? You recently did some updating, right? Have you had any showings since then? The only concievable drawback with the house that I could think people could find would be the kitchen cabinets and countertops. They appear in good shape, but look a bit dated. Do the comps in the area have a more modern kitchen? Is your entire yard fenced? Since I have dogs, I would cross your house off my list unless I got a screaming deal, since I don't want to have to put a fence up. But perhaps that is just me. Maybe instead of dropping the price you could have a fence installed? I dunno, just throwing out ideas. There has to be something offputting about the house. It looks good to me in pictures. Does anyone in your family smoke? Could that be it? I guess if you have no offers after the open house, you have to lower the price. But, that's just my 2 cents. Oh, one other thing, and this is just a pet peeve of mine. In the listing, it says somewhere on the cream colored splash above the pictures that there is an "Incrediable" basement. You may want to have the realtor fix that.

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"Incrediable finished lower levelLarge tree lined yard with oversize deck"
YIKES, spelling and grammar is VERY bad...

"Large master suite with double sick vanity, whrilpool tub and a oversized shower"

SICK vanity?..WHRILPOOL tub?

Don't spend any $$$ on the fence idea,payback will be very low..drop the price

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Raya - Fix the spelling and grammar in the ad, it's totally unprofessional looking.

double sick vanity,
whrilpool tub
joing family

Use paragraphs, and describe the master suite in one, the kitchen/family room in another, the yard in a third, etc. Information all jammed up in no particular order makes it hard to tell what the house is like.

On the photographs ... go back and retake the leaning ones, making sure the camera is level and that the line of the window, furniture or floor across from the camera is level in any picture. It's making it look like the house is leaning.

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I think it's too generic looking. Too much beige and no stand out feature. There's not a single thing in that house that is impressive, that will make me the buyer go "Wow how cool is that!"

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Generic? Yes...That said if the walls were painted a "stand out " color, the responses would be "Too Bold" ,paint the walls a more subtle color,like Beige :)

Drop the price...

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This is your third or fourth thread regarding the low activity on your home.

The problem was identified in another thread--there is brand new construction--well appointed and in some cases larger than your house for about the same price.

Your price is too high for your market. Yes, established landscaping has value, but your prospective buyers don't care (or haven't cared thus far).

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Sounds like dropping the price will be the smart thing to do.

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