Are you quilting this weekend? June 27-29

lindaoh_gwJune 27, 2014

I hope to get the quilt that is on my frame quilted this weekend. It is for my newest grandson who will be 3 months on Sunday. I made a Hunter's Star quilt for him with 6 FQ's and background fabric. This will be a floor quilt as the first quilt I made for him is hanging above his crib.
We have had 4 showings of our house, the latest one was Wednesday. We are trying to keep the house neat so we don't panic when they call for a showing. That means I have to be tidy when working in my sewing room too. lol
I made a block for my quilt group's quilt this week. We are making one to raffle at Christmas time. We are using a twister pattern to make an Ohio State quilt. This will probably be the last quilt I organize for the group. I will really miss my friends and our projects.
Sorry I am so long winded this week!
Are you quilting this weekend?
Linda OH

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Linda, it's been a long time, but I remember what a pain it was trying to keep the house looking like no one lived there! :) I know you will miss your quilting friends, but hopefully you will quickly meet new quilting friends in your new location!

I am on vacation as of 5 pm today! Woohoo! This time I'm just hanging out at home using up some vacation days. I have several chores that I want to get done, but I plan to spend a significant amount of my week in the sewing room.

I'm working on a Carol Doak miniature that was published in the July/Aug 2006 issue of Love of Quilting (took me a while to get to it LOL). It's alternating house and tree blocks. I keep laughing b/c there are 4 small tree blocks in the corners and 12 "large" tree this case large is 1-1/2" finished! The small tree blocks are 3/4". :)


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Somewhere in this house, there is a book by Carol Doak. I have been looking for it, hoping to find a pattern or two for the Leaf block for the Sept. bonus Lotto block.
i have been trying to work ahead because I expect July will be a busy month. Between last Friday and today, I have sewn the July and Aug. lotto blocks and finished one leaf block. Busy weekend but hopefully can get another one (or two) done.
Who comes in the house and takes my books???????

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You are one brave lady Linda lol!! It was hard enough for me to keep things neat and I am a messy quilter.

I did not meet new quilting friends when I moved, in this rural area I really thought I would. But I have made friends here that I enjoy their company and they appreciate my talents (or lack of lol).

A Hunter's Star has been on my mind for a long time - I was told it's not an easy pattern. Looking forward to seeing yours.

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I spent the day sorting through the stuff from the attic and packing it for moving. DH took a load of things to the thrift store and I'm sending him there again tomorrow.
Donna and Rosa, I hope to meet quilting friends when I move but I don't think I will ever find a group of ladies like my group here at home. They are the best!
Rosa,the Hunter's Star quilt was cut out with my Go cutter. DH gave me the die for Christmas and the pieces fit together perfectly. It's not hard to make at all. I want to make another Hunter's Star in red and white after the move.
Linda OH

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Hunter's Star is on my to-do list, too!

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I've finally been back in the sewing room some this week (after a LONG hiatus!).

I've sandwiched a small door hanging. I've added a center to one of my circle quilts (the bright one) and now have that sandwiched with some ideas for quilting. I've pinned the appliqued center to my small bella bella UFO and that needs to be hand sewn...hopefully this weekend.

I'm also working on a center for another small circular quilt...hoping to paper piece that this weekend too. [It seems to be the year for circle quilts for me....have 4 WIP right now! lol]

Trying to plan a trip to Florida too... DH has to go to Boca Raton for work after July 4th. Trying to figure out if the family can go too and make a trip to LEGOLAND! and his sister lives in Miami and would love to see us too!

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Jennifer, LEGOLAND was built after I moved, but I have heard it is amazing.

Linda I want a red & white too! I have the GO and I am always pleased with the accuracy. I'll have to check around for the die.

After moving back to my hometown one of my classmates told me she still lives in the same house she bought after high school. I can not imagine all of the 'stuff' I would still have if it wasn't for sorting through things to make moving easier.

If there is such a thing as 'make moving easier' lol!

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The weekends surely do roll around quickly and I can't believe July is close upon us. Seeing how the temperatures are supposed to hit near ninety today, and the humidity is way up there, I cried uncle and made the air conditioning on and came inside for a mid-day break. After lunch, I FINALLY got to the sewing room and actually felt motivated to tackle the WIP, my puff quilt. Today saw the two knotted halves be joined successfully and the seam down the backing pinned to hand sew. I brought it downstairs where it's cool, and plopped that baby on the dining room table, and might just get that seam run today. When it's done there are just two more sides to bind and it's a wrap.'s HEAVY. Just edited my post to add the picture. The backing fabric is a border print, so that when you turn the quilt down, the design shows and it's repeated at the bottom as well, so either side of the quilt is 'up'. One more foot of hand stitching and it's done, other than to bind off the last two edges.

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