Are you quilting this weekend? May 2-4

lindaoh_gwMay 1, 2014

I feel great about my quilting accomplishments this week. I finished the t-shirt quilt for a high school senior and also finished the binding on my Quilty Fun Sew Along quilt.
I was a bit nervous about the t-shirt quilt because the mom was so excited to have it made and I was hoping it would be up to her expectations. They came for it tonight and she stood there with tears in her eyes and her son was a bit teary too. They loved it!
Now, on to something new!
Are you quilting this weekend?
Linda OH

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Linda, your t shirt quilt sounds wonderful! I have a friend who keeps asking me to make one for her and I haven't gotten up the nerve yet. She wants to pay me to make it, and I know she would pay me well, but I'm nervous about committing to it.

I hope to quilt later today. I'm in the middle of house cleaning now (stopped for breakfast). My plan was to quilt all afternoon, but DH said he thinks he'll have a short day at work and he wants me to run errands with him. Hopefully I'll get some sewing time in there!

Tomorrow we're going to Lakeland to visit the parents. Sunday we have 2 church services then we are planning to go do something to celebrate our anniversary (haven't decided what yet LOL).

31 years on Tuesday!


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It surely must be satisfying to finish a custom quilt for somebody, especially where they provide the (irreplaceable) materials with which to make it............and then have them pleased with the results.

I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the weekend being here again. It seemed like it was the weekend just yesterday. ;-)

Yes, I'll probably get in a little sewing room time shortly and perhaps even finish up the blocks I need for the 96" x 96" puff quilt today. Just three more 12" blocks to do. Being a biscuit quilt, they are filled with the stuffing as you construct it and have a foundation already. I've been sewing the blocks together into four square foot assemblies as I've been making them. That makes finishing it off pretty simple. Just sew the sixteen assemblies together and mount a final backing to it with knots, sew on the binding to the edges and it's done.

I started this quilt mid-March, and should have it finished mid-May. Not bad for only working on it an hour a day. What tickles me so is that two months ago, I went through my entire quilting material stash, sorted it, pressed it on the mangle and folded it and made this quilt out of the smaller pieces not large enough to use in a planned design. It was a stash buster.

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I'm hoping to spend time sewing this weekend, although I SHOULD attend to a dozen other chores. BUT... I'm hoping to spend time sewing!

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Well, house cleaning is done. It's been raining steadily most of the morning - I'm surprised DH hasn't turned up. I would think it would be pretty miserable pressure cleaning in steady rain! But maybe it isn't raining where they are.


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I haven't posted in a long time. I had a craniotomy for a skull based tumour in February, and I haven't felt well until this week. Before the surgery I didn't feel well either, but now I am excited to get back into my projects including my quilting projects!

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I hand-quilted a little earlier today on my parents' Card Tricks quilt. Am doing some house cleaning and laundry today. I am hoping this weekend to finish hand-quilting the first row of blocks on my parents' quilt. Susan a tumor in the skull sounds scary, hope you enjoy your quilting.

Best to you and yours,

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Susan! Sounds like you've had a tough winter in more ways than just the Canadian weather! Glad you are back and ready to get quilting. One of my co-workers recently had the same surgery and is expected back to work on June 1st. I know it's been difficult and scary for her - and I'm sure it was for you too. Welcome back!


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Quick is down and I have been off line since last night. Am on dh tablet and do not have a clue. I was lucky to get this far...


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Sounds like a busy weekend for many! We are in Arizona for a wedding reception but Mom has me busy helping her cut and design some quilts for reducing her stash. (It will be years before her stash is gone - even at 5-6 quilts a month!) She will be spending much of the summer in northern Arizona, so we are cutting and bagging quilts/patterns so she will have at least 15 or more to piece while she is there. I won't get any sewing in, but this gives me my fabric fix for a while!


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Susan, glad you are on the mend, that surgery sounds like one to avoid!
Linda, I'm glad you got to see how happy the family was with your efforts. I'm sure it was perfect.

I've been busy today with organizing the garden walk and trying to get some of my gardening done. However, this evening I'm hoping to work on the wall hanging for the porch.

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Linda...the quilt brought tears to their eyes...omg special is that!
Calliope...a puff quilt that is a stash buster...way to go!
Susan...oh've had an unwanted venture...nice to know you are on the mend...all the best in your recovery. cleaning...yeah I should do that to...but those dust bunnies will have to wait...I like full grown rabbits...LOL
Sue you must be having fun playing in another's fabric!

I played in the sewing room for a little while... Almost finished a super simple quilt top, marmalade wasn't on my list of tops to make, but oh well, it was quick and fun...used up stash... A good thing!


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Today I went to a quilt show with four of my friends. We walked through the quilts, visited the quilt shop and had lunch together at the Barn restaurant. It was a very enjoyable day. Our group goes to this show every year at historical Sauder Village.
I bought a new pattern and template that they were demonstrating at the show. It is Night Sky by Jaybird Quilts.
Linda OH

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Linda, there are not many things more delightful than going to a quilt show with friends, especially if they are quilters too!

After finishing the June Lotto blocks yesterday (part of my pledge to stay at least a month ahead with Lotto blocks), I started playing with the purple/orange quilt challenge. I have the Flying Geese part of the challenge done now and think I'll spend some more time on it today while I'm feeling creative.

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The wedding quilt is on the frame at the LAQ so today I will try and cut bindings and the little top I put together last week needs a border. So that is on today's agenda.
Ps: Susan-On, where are you in Ontario and where was the surgery done? I am in Windsor. Keep on getting better.

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I finished the marmalade top and recommend this if you need a fast quilt. Just a few hours to cut and assemble... I had a partial charm pack and some scraps, and before I knew it, it was done. I'm looking forward to quilting big colorful flowers in the white space for a child's quilt.

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Valarie, I love your quilt. I have to put its photo into my "quick quilt" file. I used the same charm pack, Me and My Sisters, I think, for a baby quilt too.

I am almost finished sewing the blocks together for my husband's quilt top. Then it gets two borders and it's done. It's really turning out well. He wants a Minky backing, so I'll have to take a trip to the quilt shop, maybe tomorrow. He's a big guy, and he loves his nap, so the quilt will be 71"x86." I'll have to piece the Minky for the backing, but then I'll have plenty left over for a future baby quilt. I'll bet you Southern gals are all thinking, "How heavy," but we both like to keep the thermostat low in winter, about 62 degrees, and snuggle in a quilt.

We launched my sailboat yesterday and got it rigged with no mishaps. That's always satisfying. The ice has been out only two weeks, so the water is still really cold. Our first race is May 15.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. And welcome back, Susan. What a good thing to have behind you.

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Thank you so much to everyone for your good thoughts for me. I really appreciate it. This was my second surgery (two brain tumours) and it was the harder one to go through, but I am slowly recuperating!

I read here all the time, but sometimes it's hard for me to get around to posting. Unfortunately, I did not get around to quilting this past weekend, but that's because I was well enough to go out and do a little bit of gardening.

Nannykins, I live in Port Colborne and the surgery was done in Hamilton. They are very good there.

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Wonderful that you are healing, but especially that you are feeling able to enjoy yourself again.

Little Helen
Love your cheery fabrics, the design and the quilting plan. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

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Thanks Linda!

This weekend is going well. So far I've gotten some gardening done and a little bit of sewing. I only have a bit of sewing to finish, and then I can finally get back to my quilt project.

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