Anyone care to critique our listing?

cintijenApril 27, 2010

Please have a look!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our house

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Lovely, just lovely. Nothing could get me to move to South Dakota, but it is a lovely house. Best of luck at the open house!

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Wow, just wow. I only wish we could find houses like that in our area for that price. I absolutely love what you have done with it. The only room where I would change anything at all would be the child's bedroom, and that's only because we don't have any two-legged children, lol.

Seriously, I think it shows extremely well and I would definitely snap it up if I were looking in that area.

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great house. I'm a little confused with the 2 dining rooms. I'd love for such a nice house to be priced at that in my market.

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It looks wonderful imo. The only issue would be the colors of the close up of the entry on the exterior, but I highly doubt that will keep you from getting showings.

Don't know anything about your market though. Is it Ohio?

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The inside of your house is lovely, a little sparse, but truly lovely.

The outside landscaping could use some help. You have two very large trees/bushes in the front that are hiding the front of, what I suspect is, a very beautiful home. Anyway to cut those back? Also you have 15 pictures, but only one quasi-shot of the backyard. Maybe swapping out the kitchen dining area for a backyard picture?

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Wow, what a price! Can't even get a small condo in NY for that price. How much property?

Beautiful home.

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In my part of the country that's a fairly normal price for your kind of house, so the price doesn't blow me away as it does for some others. The thing that jumped out at me was all the hardwood. I think your dining rooms and maybe the master could use some warming up with a rug. And like xamsx, I'd like to see more outside detail. Looks beautiful.

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Wow, thanks everyone for your kind words. I find it so hard to be objective since it is our house, so I really appreciate the positive feedback.

Graywings, we're in Cincinnati, OH, not South Dakota. It's a little too cold there for me, too! ;)

xamsx, we've discussed taking the evergreen down many times. We'll defiinitely keep it under consideration if we feel we're not getting the showings we want. You mentioned backyard and this house actually doesn't have one. We're bordered on three sides by streets. The backside of our house has a three car garage and a parking pad large enough for three cars. The side yard is very nice, though, and that is what you see in the one shot. Unfortunately we're limited to 15 photos on the listing.

Jane, we're on .5 acres, so a nice size lot for an urban neighborhood.

deanie1, we've considered rugs many times in the 5 years we've been here for the rooms you mentioned. I personally have decided I don't like rugs under dining tables, but i agree for showing it would be nice to have one. The problem is both those rooms are 19x16, so it's not like we can just go by an 8x10 rug to fill the space. If you have an idea where we could find an inexpensive 12x15 or so rug, let me know!

Thanks again everyone! We had our first showing today, keepng fingers crossed that more will follow!


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Carpet Capital of the world -- Dalton, GA. Right down I-75 from you. Yeah, it's a drive, but if you're ever headed that way anyway ...

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I wouldn't worry about rugs right now to be honest. Although it would make the rooms look, you are selling and showing off the full hardwoods isn't a bad thing either.

Good Luck!!

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Such a beautiful home!!! If anything, and this is really small, I would replace the tablecloth in pic #7 for placemats and some brightly colored dishes or just a pretty bouquet of flowers on the table. The tablecloth just seems to "overtake" the table a bit but like I said your place is really lovely!!!
Good Luck!

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The house looks great. The only thing that confused me was the 2 dining rooms. Depending on the layout, you might be better off staging 1 as an office or something.

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all in all -- lovely home--renovations are stylish without being too personal for most people's tastes--
good light in most rooms and the pictures show without being too dark...

storage is usually desireable element even in larger home and not always present in one built in 1926

I might actually consider showing interior of garage and/or shot of master closet if it is large and has good storage built in--or shot of kitchen pantry if there is one

take the shot of the backyard facing TOWARD the house and making it look as large as possible
or if having large parking areas are desireable feature for off-street parking then I would show driveway area vs the angle shot into backyard...

most people are looking for linked living/kitchen areas--IF that is feature of this house--can you take the photo of the living area FROM the kitchen so that people can tell they are co-joined...because it looks like the kitchen is NOT open to the living area to me...

it does show a little sparse but you have done good job of taking out the clutter which is off-putting to most buyers/viewers...and the wood floors are a great feature
I guess they are not original to the house which might be selling feature worth mentioning

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Your house is exquisite. That price would buy a 900 sf basic craftsman-era bungalow in my neighborhood! I agree with the other posters about the yard and to swap the yellow dining room photo with a garden photo. Then in the description, mention exactly what you said ".5 acre --- a great sized lot for this urban neighborhood."

As for the rug, if a 9 x 12 would work under the table and still leave a bit of border around the chairs, there are some reasonably priced jute rugs that I think would work to offset the beautiful hardwood, but not interfere with your simple, elegant decor.
Good luck with the sale.

Here is a link that might be useful: west elm jute rug

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