San Juan Fiberglass Pool Installation - Central Jersey

jerseypoolNovember 14, 2011

Hello All,

Our pool builder, Seasonal World in Clarksburg, NJ, had a videographer on site for our San Juan fiberglass pool build. Pool is San Juan's Stardust model, roughly 16' x 38'. I've attached the YouTube link to their finished product. The video came out real nice. Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: San Juan Fiberglass Pool Install - Central Jersey

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Hmm, they used dig spoils for back fill. While it is sandy, it wasn't washed down in the video to remove voids and compact it.

The plumber for the pool was gluing too many things at once. It may have been just been staged for the shoot.

Cranes make me nervous. I've seen thing go wrong before.

I didn't see rebar tying the deck to the shell. I didn't see any reinforcement, as a matter of fact.

I also didn't see a drywell or sump set.

I know Seasonal World can do better.


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Hi Scott,

They used some kind of hose with a long stick on it... not shown in the vid.

Plumber may have been staged... I dunno... you may be right...

Cranes make YOU nervous??? I had a classic car sitting in that garage that I wasn't able to get out before the crane took up the driveway... My heart was in my throat!

They used fiber in the concrete. They've used it many times before, so they say. I'll give you an update in a year or two...

Sump is present, with the tube sticking out and capped off next to the filter.

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Fiber is good for helping keep the stamped top looking nice but really doesn't add the strength needed when settlement occurs.

I like to see a shell locked in place. With #3 rebar hooked in to the shell every 15" in the side of the shell, the entire deck can help hold down the shell. While this is a big if, as is, if the pool lost water and the water table rose, the shell will break through far more easily.

I didn't see the sump. It is a very good thing its there.

There is video on YouTube of a failed pool lift.

I still don't like using dig spoils but given the high sand content that was evident, your backfill should be OK if, as you say, they washed it down.

The only hose with a long pipe I saw was the 4" line from the water truck filling the pool when they were back filling. If that is the pipe you mean, then they didn't wash the fill correctly. This is generally done with a garden hose.


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I hope we're ok... Wash was done with a garden hose with a long rod in the end... I'm guessing to reach into various places under the pool. I've watched many fiberglass install bids here, but haven't seen the one you're referencing. Sounds like I might NOT want to see it! Yikes!

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Here's a local issue that happened recently.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pool dropped.

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