fireplace in master bdrm

suz1023April 19, 2012

we are building a corner fireplace which was to have a gas stove inset into the firebox in the corner of our master bdrm. it will finish that awkward corner off beautifully, and i think the room will be really spiffy when it's all in.

the framing is up, raised hearth going in tomorrow and it will be covered in white faux brick with a heavy wood mantel of some sort.

last year i picked up a cheapie electric heater which looks just like the propane unit i was going to buy. it works really well with no discernable impact on my power bill.

and since we plan to put the place on the market i'm inclined to save myself some money and use the electric unit.

the benefit of propane is it doesn't need electric to run, but we have a whole house generator, so that point is moot.

would an electric vs propane be an issue for buyers in your opinion?


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If you use the electric, can it easily be converted to propane if the buyers choose to do so? If so, then why not save yourself some $$$ and use the electric for the sake of demonstrating the fireplace, and let the buyers know they can put in propane later if they want to (be sure to note in your listing agreement that you're taking the electric unit if that will be the case).

We have a so-called fireplace in our living room. It's a beautiful one, I think it was probably an original built-in (house is 90 years old). The fireplace is supposed to have gas logs. The owners we bought from disconnected it because they had a toddler. We never bothered to connect it back up. And at some point, I threw out the logs. When we showed our house, I just had flowers in the fireplace--and I explained the options to the buyers. Didn't seem to be a problem to anyone. Didn't impede selling at all.

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