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Zoe52April 20, 2013

I am very igonorant of how Realtor's get their commissions

If a house is listed and the buyer's real estate agent gets a 3% commission if they bring a buyer in to buy a home, do they have to share this commission with the Realty company they work for or do they get the full commission? Just wondering.

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It depends upon the agreement the buyer's agent has with his/her broker. Some agents split the 3% 50-50 with the broker and pay minimal office/advertising fees. Other agents keep a greater %age of the 3% and pay higher office/advertising fees. If an agent is part of a national franchise, the franchise will typically also take a cut of the 3% before it is split between agent and broker.

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Here in Florida, real estate agents work for a broker. The listings belong to the broker and the commissions belong to the broker. Then the broker pays the agent.

For example, a house sells and the typical 6% out of the seller's proceeds is split by the title company who sends 3% to the listing broker and 3% to the buyer's broker. Each broker then cuts a check to his respective agent, which can be anywhere from as little as "40% of the 3%" to as much as "3% minus $250" or whatever agreement the broker-agent have with each other.

40% agents are generally brand-new agents in full-service brokerages. The latter are in self-service brokerages - where the agent pays for basically everything - advertising, signage, training, etc.

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