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kmallenMay 30, 2012

I posted this in the paint forum, but someone suggested to post it over here.

We just moved into this house and it needs a paint job. I'm looking to change the color and I'm thinking more tan/beige. I'm not in love with the brick color it is more of reddish/pink so I'm looking for something that will go well but doesn't make it stand out either. I definitely don't want a brown with a pinkish undertone. I'm thinking the porch and the trim a cream color. The front of the house faces South. I'm leaning toward

SW Sticks and Stones 7503 Pic 3&4

SW Stone Lion 7507 Pic 5&6

SW Tavern Taupe 7508 Pic 5&6

SW Sanderling 7513 Pics 7&8

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Annie Deighnaugh

I like sanderling, but its so hard to tell with the small sample right up against the brick...might be better if you went to one of those websites where you can upload your picture and then color it with paints you're considering....I don't know the specifics, but others here should be able to tell you where you can do that...

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I think that you are on the right track, and any of those colors will be an improvement over the green that's on there now. Are you planning on painting the railing around the porch? I think that you should paint it your new cream trim color.

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The closer you go to the brick color the more the brick color will disappear, that said, I'd lean toward a color like dry dock with a bit more red than the colors you are considering. That said, all the colors you picked are better than the green.

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Your house kind of reminds me of the Dunphy house on Modern Family. Maybe that can be your inspiration!

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I would narrow it down to a few colors and then make large color boards and then hold them up. You should have a large sample to make a decision. I would pick a color that will contrast with the brick so it stands out but has a similar undertone.

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I just painted my exterior (and ended up painting the brick too bc I hated the color of it). My advice is that all paint looks so much different when it's up so you really should narrow it to 3, buy samples and put up some large sections on the actual house. Yes, it's a pain but painting the whole house is expensive and all paint reflects light differently and has different undertones and the last thing you want to do it pick it via a swatch and then hate it when it's all up (a lesson I learned the hard way!)

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I would go with a cream color on the body of the house and accent with a dark forest green or grey/green accent.

I like your brick too...

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Sanderling looks a little mauve to me, take a look at BM smokey taupe. I added a sample below. It's a grayish tan and goes well with brick.

Here is a link that might be useful: smokey taupe

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Sanderling looks mauve to me, too.

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Just a suggestion that two of my neighbors did when thinking about painting their homes. They approached people in the neighborhood that had a color that they liked. As long as you are not in close vicinity,of course, most people would be flattered and helpful.
If you can pick a house with the same exposure, you can get a true reading of how your own house will look. New houses going up in my neighborhood are all in the tan family.

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