Finished Kitchen in Gallery?

natenvalsmomApril 11, 2010

I recently posted my finished kitchen in the Gallery section, as instructed in the Finished Kitchen Blog, but I notice that many more people post their kitchens here, in On-Topic Discussions. I don't want to duplicate (esp. as I posted some photos last fall as "Almost Finished"), but of course, very few people seem to go to the Gallery, at least not with the frequency of this site. Can you help?

Thanks, and thank you to all who helped educate and entertain me along the way!

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How about post the link to the FKB here?

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I'm kinda new too. My impression - and could be all wrong - was that people posted here first and then in the finished kitchen area. Somehow I thought that the other place was for long term documentation and where people could go to search options. E.g., see how a particular granite would look in a kitchen.

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Just looked in the gallery at your kitchen. WOW. I'm impressed. Great use of red. It was so nice to see a unique design with the color red. Love the granite, the pendants, the cabinets. You definitely should post those pictures here so that others can see what can be done when something "different" is put in place. Haven't seen any other kitchens here with red granite. Good job!!

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I sure hope you don't mind me posting a link for those who may not venture over to the gallery. You have done a beautiful job! I love that great big island plus the eating nook. I could only dream of having so much space in my kitchen. I love the warm rich tone of the countertop. Well done, congradulations and enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: natenvalsmom kitchen

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Truly a beautiful space, a great mixture of reds and greens. My absolute favorite element is the dining table at the banquette; I also love the hutch. OK, I love it all. It looks like a perfect, cool spot on hot days when the kids are ready to come in after playing in the pool.

It's funny, I've never paid much attention to the Gallery, and when I looked just now, I saw lots of finished kitchens that I had not seen here. There must be a way to consolidate so everyone can see. Or is double posting the only way? I've been afraid to venture out from this forum very far because there are so many great things to read here and on other forums and I fear I'd never see daylight again if I got caught up in anything else. Now I'm learning it's 3 forums in 1! How does anyone keep up around here?

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megpie77 - I don't mind at all; thank you for posting the link to my kitchen, and thanks for the kind words.
jsweenc and chris45ny - thank you for taking a look at the Gallery!

here is the photobucket link, where there are more pics, too:

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Natenvalsmom, this is truly an outstanding transformation! My apologies for rushing past it when you first posted to the Gallery. To be honest, I am guilty of just not taking the time to seriously study the incredible differences between how your kitchen looked "before" and "after." Besides being in rush, though, I'm going to blame part of not paying sufficient attention the first time around to the fact that I think your kitchen was looking pretty darn good in the first place. However now, after taking a real serious look, I must say the difference between what was and what is - well it's as big as night and day! Congratulations!

And speaking of night and day. First of all, regardless of how good it looked before, the change to white cabinetry and opening up of the space moves your once dark, sleek and good-looking kitchen to a bright, spacious, inviting and gorgeous cooking/gathering center for the whole family. Secondly, I definitely agree with your assessment that the old tile was rather tired, outdated and ugly. But the new backsplash and red granite counter tops? Cool, hot and wicked! And the lighting? The change from the single fluorescent panel to recessed cans and pendants, along with the increase of window areas, is simply stunning. Lastly, I'm also loving the variety of seating areas -- from the island to the breakfast nook/banquette and sofa. Now, when you (and others) make your way around the new kitchen, your family and friends can have several great new places to plop down, get comfy and visit with the chef. Clearly, that was not possible in your previous galley style kitchen with wall cut-out. The new layout is awesome.

In all, I just want to say that I think you have done a really phenomenal job here which really is deserving of more attention! Hopefully, the rest of the TKOs will discover this lost gem -- if not here, then on the FKB-- and give you all the thumbs you deserve for a job so very well done. You go!

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I finally got to lookin and found you link! Lol. It is amazing! You really did a major, major CHANGE. THis looks so great! Congratulations. I lvoe the way you kept the window structure mostly the same and worked from there.

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