Gound water seepage *after* dig. Problem?

banana_fannaNovember 1, 2010

During the deep end excavation, the hole was dry. The next day we noticed there's about a foot of water in the very bottom of the bowl - perhaps 2' in diameter, a foot deep and also in the long trench that I'm assuming is there for the main drain to be installed - also about a foot deep.

It hasn't risen at all today. Should we be concerned?

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My build had about 4' of water. Your PB will probably use a semi-trash pump and pull the water level down as needed for the build - really not a big deal.

Except if you are susceptible to groundwater I would make sure there is some sort of provision to pull down ground water after the pool is complete - that way if you ever have to drain for a repair the pool won't get damaged. In my area it's called by several different names: well point lines, deadman lines, etc.

I have two (just in case one plugs up) embedded in gravel under the deep end. They are capped off over by my fence line.

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4 feet. That would have been a nail biter for me for sure, but my nails are frequently bitten to the quick for one reason or another so no surprise there. :-)

I printed your response and will ask PB this morning about a provision for ground water. Hope it's not too late. Thanks.

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