Need advise on pump replacement

lindamarieNovember 30, 2011

It seems our pump is done. It runs a bit then stops.

What type/size/brand/where do we get for a 30,000 gunite in ground pool in MS?

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Plain pool, pool with an attached spa, water features...?

What size plumbing? What filter do you have?

How do you fee chlorine?


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I knew I left that out as soon as I posted

It has 1 1/2" pipe

It has a small "kiddie" pool about 8' diameter

It is a kidney shape about 18' x 26'

It is a DE 4820 filter

GPM 93
LPM 363

We use the BBB method applied near the return, in the deep

Thanks for your help, Scott

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If you're in California or Arizona:
A two speed 1-1/2 HP, I personally prefer Pentair's Whisperflow unless the old pump was a Hayward Super Pump, then its a Superflow, Another alternative here is a variable speed pump.

Otherwise, a simpler and less expensive solution is to change the motor and seal set, assuming the body is OK, with up to a 1.5 HP motor.


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We are in MS

We had a Waterco 1 stage pump I got off the net

Where would you buy a punp?

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If you plan on hiring a pool pro to do the work, then get getting it from them is the direction you should go.

If you are doing the work, either find a local pool store or go on the net.

Please don't ask a pool pro to install one you bought off the net. That is like bringing your own chop meat to McDonald's and asking them to serve it to you. It also makes any warranty issues tangled.


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pump Horsepower is a complicated issue. It is dependent on total length of plumbing runs, number and type of bends, diameter of pipe and desire flow rate.

Generally should go off the plate on the existing motor. There are two numbers that matter: Horsepower(HP) and service factor(SF). New motor should have same value of HP x SF as old or slightly higher. If want slower flow rate (with potentially longer run time) then raise SF and cut HP. Raising SF is important as that means motor can take strain of running under the load that would normally require a higher HP. Failure to get adequate combo is likely to result in motor burning out prematurely.

Of course, new motor should run at same voltage (110 or 220) as existing or make appropriate changes. Also, if increasing amperage, make sure wire can handle it(unlikely since newer motors are much more efficient than older ones)

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Just make sure you buy a name brand this time like Hayward or Pentair.....that way parts are easy to find...

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