Rock Waterfall Problems/Questions

sdemjsullyNovember 12, 2012

After nearly a three week delay, the rock waterfall guy came out last Friday to build our waterfall. We got a smallish waterfall (3' H x 5' L x 3' D).

Anyway, we have numerous concerns/issues with this structure:

1. Is it safe? There are no footers supporting the wall...just mortar.

2. Ledge overhangs into pool, and I (I'm 6' tall) cannot sit fully straight up under the ledge, as the top of my head hits the ledge.

3. The open back of the wall...this looks incomplete.

I've tried uploading pics, but the GW site won't allow the upload. I'll keep trying.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. We have the PB coming out to inspect the waterfall in the next day or two, and we're thinking of asking them to just rip this out and do it right (and to our specifications, which was a stacked stone look, not boulders).

Thanks all.


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WRT the look desired, what is in writing?

We don't know what you bond beam dimensions, concrete specs and steel sized are so we don't know that you need additional footings.


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Hi Scott,

The size of the rock waterfall and the use of real rocks (not faux) are stipulated in the agreement...not a specific design.

Having said that, I'd think that the waterfall should not have the back exposed, where the white PVC pipe is visible from the ground up to the top of the wall, and I can see the cinder block that was placed behind the rocks. Also, the back has a loose pile of crushed stone visible, along with chunky patches of mortar spread out. There are also several rocks that the waterfall contractor didn't use in the wall, but left behind.

It looks unfinished to us, and several people, including our landscaper, who also does pool waterfalls. We paid for a 3x5x3 custom rock waterfall (custom, in that we design it with the actual contractor). The rock waterfall as built is 1.5'H x 7' L x 1.5'D . So, in my mind, and others as well, it was not built to spec.

Am I being unreasonable in thinking that they should rip out the crappy wall that's been built, and rebuild it according to our actual specs?



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Well, being that it's out of the design specs by so many characteristics, I don't think it should stay.

As for the open back, that usually requires some fill and should have been done as a pretty up.


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