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gsterNovember 1, 2011

We have an 80s era pool that has a few cracks in the pool deck that have migrated to the 2X6 coping tiles and have cracked them. We need to repair the pool deck by cutting out the cracks and filling and resurfacing the cut outs. We would also like to replace all of the 2X6 tiles . . . we were "blue skying" about replacing the coping tiles with coping bricks by cutting back the existing pool deck (concrete) to allow the bricks to sit flush with the existing pool deck. Not sure if this is insane or a reasonable idea . . . comments?

Also, our pool renovation company suggested that we resurface the pool by filling areas damaged when a hurricane collapsed the pool screen, applying a bond coat and applying new gem coat . . . the pool surface is pretty good considering the age . . . a little yellowing in spots but generally sound . . . should we consider an acid wash as a less expensive alternative? I don't want to do a half baked job but I am not sure I can tell between what is NEEDED versus what is NICE TO HAVE . . . As you can tell . . . money is certainly an object . . . opinions welcomed!!!

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I don't know who said it first but a picture is worth a 1000 words. ;-)

Please post some pictures. Put them in a Photobucket album(it free) and use the 3rd option, one pic per line.


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A quick way you can tell for yourself is how rough the plaster feels to the touch. Good plaster should be as smooth as smooth gets. If your plaster has a rough or semi-rough texture then it is time to consider a replaster.

Acid washing can be compelte to remove stains but will also make the texture worse than it is already. Plaster can last 10-15 years with proper water management but you are not going to get much more than that. You likely do need a new plaster coat but perhaps a secon opinion would be best.

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