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oldbat2beApril 21, 2013

I love making soups with roasted vegetables! Here are two trays of misc. veggies which I roasted at 350 for a little over an hour. Then, into the vitamix with a can of chicken stock and a little 1% milk. When I need to process in two batches, I blend the first and pour into a stock pot, then blend and add the second. Yummy, incredibly creamy and delicious.

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Holly- Kay


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I have a recipe for roasted vegetable soup that I love also! Had my Vitamix for almost 10 years and one of the best purchases I've ever made. BTW, I just finished making chicken broth and now I'm about to make some butternut squash soup (not roasted though).

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Ob2b, so glad you started this thread. And that soup looks wonderful!

I promise I have been making better tasting creations than this one here, but this is a tincture we use whenever anyone here gets a cold. Whether it works or is the placebo effect, I swear by it. I use lots of fresh ginger, cinnamon, home grown cayenne, turmeric, dried apricots - and fresh garlic & raw Manuka honey - both added last to avoid heat. All in a base of homemade chicken stock.

This time I made it in the Vitamix, giving it an added umphf since the ginger wasn't strained out. Wow! Very potent. But consummed in small amounts over time does help us believe we are outsmarting those germs.

With the leftovers, I added some peanut butter I made in the VM and have been using it as a dipping sauce (what is pictured here.). To this mix, i then added greek yogurt...That has been the best discovery (as the tincture truly does taste like medicine!).

Question - the turmeric has left my VM with a yellow green hue. Anyway I can wash that out or have I permanently stained it?

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Looks great! I love how creamy the soups turn out in the vitamix. People always think I've used a lot of cream and when I tell them there's no cream in there, they are always shocked.

I haven't tried it with roasted veggies...next on my list. Well, after the kitchen's done!

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AnnaA, when I want to give my VitaMix and extra cleaning, I cut up a lemon, fill the pitcher a bit more than half, and run it on high for about six or seven minutes. Seems to do a lot for the pitcher, and mine is over seven years old. Hope it helps.

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Hot water and soap blended to remove tomato and turmeric stains.

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Thank you smiling and GWlolo. I did the soap and water wash, but might need more soap, longer wash. And I will try the lemon too.

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What is "KAW"?

I'll make that soup as soon as I get my kitchen "back". :-)

Thanks for posting!

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KAW= kitchen at work.

I'm going to have to use my vitamix more often. That cold prep sounds great and so does the cream of veg soup.

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I hope to get one soon. I keep ogling.
IRS check arrived, so now just have to get DH stamp of approval.
DH bought a sound bar and this has to be healthier than rocking the house with a TV(especially since we don't watch much tv)

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Thank you, deedles!


Tell your DH that the Vitamix will pay for itself very quickly. Just think how much you pay when you get a smoothie at B&N or Smoothie King or for ice-cream and then compare it to a home-made one.

DH likes ice cream, so I promised to make one any time he wanted. That is how I got him to agree. LOL.

I agree, no kitchen should be without one!

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Eleena, what are your favorite VM ice cream recipes?

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The ones from their booklet.

I get large frozen triple-berry bags from Sam's Club. Yes, I know that they are not organic as they should be, but I don't think I make ice-cream often enough to cause much damage. :-)

But I do use organic milk or home-made kefir or coconut milk as the liquid. I also use Xylitol as the sweetener instead of sugar and use less than the recipe calls for.

Make the ice cream per the recipe and top it with walnuts.
DD loves it too. For DH and myself, I sometimes pour red wine over it - heavenly! :-)

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Old bat and Elena
I came home from visiting DM and DH surprised me with a B&W music box.
So have to wait until next month... But that is only a few days away(actually- next billing cycle)
He is so sweet - but now I have to figure out a way to mount the music.
DH put it on a table from our wedding taking up floor space...
I think it will move to my cave or will have GC and sparky build a shelf and power it!
Soon, I will have my elusive vitamix!

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A2, if DH bought you a music box, shouldn't you reciprocate and buy him a VM so you can make him homemade nutritious treats? ðÂÂÂ

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Precisely (what Anna said)!

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Anna and Eleena - good point!
Wait until I post how he set up the music - it is a hoot!
So, I told him tonight that I was going to use the rest of the IRS $$ for a Vitamix and he looked confused as our friend bought one for a couple hundred - I said that I want the 750(I didn't actually use the number but told him I wanted the squatter one with some auto features) - He is a consumer and always gets the "best", so my turn (I am usually a bit frugal - got my KA mixer on CL for $75!)
Now, I have to wait until May 20th to get in the next billing cycle - I WILL do this, I WILL do this, I WILL do this - my Vitamix mantra!

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A2 - i'm so excited for you. I now have so many fruits and veggies in my fridge and freezer, it's ridiculous. My sister jumped on the bandwagon and ordered one from QVC - it just arrived.

I like the looks of that roasted veggie soup. I think I will try that...once I whittle down some of the others in my fridge.

Question - I'm trying to make a version of the Naked Juice, Mighty Mango. Does anyone leave the peel on mango when tossing in the VM? Thx.

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I'm still new to the VM and continue to have fun experimenting.

This is a raw food Chocolate Mouse Tart, adapted from a YouTube demo by Jennifer Cornbleet (i added raw soaked cashews and a little less avocado). Tart shell made in the food processor but the chocolate filling was made in the VM.

It needs to be lined with fresh berries but we don't have any yet.

Better than chocolate pudding!

Any raw food enthusiasts have any good cookbooks to recommend?

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WS is having a special. If you buy a vitamix, you can get a 48 oz it a dry container for $50.
Hope to head over today!
Should I get the 48 oz or dry container? I am going for the gusto with the 750

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Well I was going to comment on how wonderful that looked but then re-read your post. Chocolate mouse, raw? I think the recipe books are very clear that the meat should be cooked before you add it to the Vitamix. Terribly sorry for the short notice, but we won't be able to make it for dinner after all....

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P.S. a2 - yay! I would go for the dry container.

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Regarding the turmeric stain, I saw this online:

Blend It and Mend It! 1 year ago
I've cleaned my VitaMix container this way many times and it doesn't affect the blades. Here's a different ratio from VitaMix, which suggests filling the container with water and ONE CUP of vinegar, letting it sit for three hours, then repeating the process and wiping down the inside of the container with a sponge and rinsing well.

BTW - looks like a great link to butternut squash soup!


How To Cut A Butternut Squash & Make a 4 Minute Soup in the VitaMix is a lesson in basics. No longer will you walk by all the strangely shaped autumn squashes and gourds. You will know how to peel and chop them. You will make 4 minute soups.

The recipe I am showing you in this video can be used with any veggie, so it's good basic know-how:

2 cups butternut squash
1 cup almond milk
1 clove garlic
1 small chunk onion
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp sea salt
6 whole peppercorns
raw pumpkin seeds for garnish, optional

Blend smooth 1 minute for an all raw soup (live enzymes) OR blend 4-5 minutes until you see steam rising from the blender for a piping hot soup.

http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=Qc_qtz-4GbI&desktop_uri=/watch%3Fv%3D Qc_qtz-4GbI

Here is a link that might be useful: You Tube 4 Minute Butternut Squash Soup

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Two more cleaning tips (denture tablets, paste with baking soda and water).

Here is a link that might be useful: Keeping your VM clean

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I tried GWLolo's advice re more soap, longer wash time (used the soup setting) and that did the trick. I had smiling's remedy all ready - the lemon - just in case. These are great additional options.

Ob2b, too funny... No fear, no raw meat here. Just experimenting with recipes from Raw Foodies since we are still learning how to make non-egg oriented items such as desserts. Very easy, and the heat generated by the VM helps emulsify and bloom the chocolate. I've never had such good results! I needed a little bit of coaxing trusting that avocado would be one of those acceptable substitutes for dairy fats...wow, it's wonderful!

A2, when I recover from the VM sticker shock, I'm headed to adding the smaller container as well. Decided not to go with the dry as I will use the 2 wet containers more. You are going to have a blast!

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Ok I have to ask - what is the difference between the vitamix and a normal blender? Are they really $750?
Is it that it generates heat?

I LOVE the look of that soup - last time I tried roasting vegetables I dried them all out and they stuck to the foil. I am truly a pathetic cook. >.

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