Need a quick sale - how you tried this approach yet?

dreamywhiteApril 1, 2009

Funny how religion will always work it's way back into your daily lifestyle. Growing up Catholic and then converting into a Lutheran once I got married I find this very Catholic tradition interesting since my very Lutheran husband was told about it at work. Did some google searches and it is worth a try. Off to a religious store tonight!

Bury St. Joseph and pray for a quick sale!

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There are quite a few topics where this is discussed, this one in particular had a lot of responses:

St Joseph thread

You are definitely not alone, and I'd venture to say the worse you market, the more receptive you are to trying anything.

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Ever considered using Feng Shui to sell your house? I've met realtors who do.

A link that might be useful:

â¢disclaimer-never used this site nor do I know the owner.

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I have also known someone who used the "St.Joseph" selling
method and sold it within two weeks!!! I am going to do this also when I put this house on the market.... I am not Catholic, but anything that might help is welcome.
Is there a certain place or how is it to be buried? the door, street, etc....face down, standing, or whatever?
Let us know if it helped sell your home....and GOOD LUCK.

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Phoggie - we buried ours last night. We live on a main road with lots of traffic and our entire family is standing outside at dinnertime with a huge shovel and a prayer digging a hole next to the for sale sign in the front yard. We said the prayer and my husband put St. Joseph in right side up facing our home. (He didn't believe in putting him in upside down.) We have been saying the prayer at each meal and I starting reading the bible last night (have a lot of catching up to do). So I am trying to bring our Faith out more to make this work. I also followed another Sellers suggestion about the price you want on the floor (did that in a closet with pencil). So we'll see. I'll def post if we get an offer.

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Please forgive me, is this serious?

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usgirl - yes it is serious not spam. It's trusting in someone higher up to help when in need.

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NOW I know why my house hasn't sold...I didn't know you were supposed to PRAY after burying St. Joseph!! It is all my fault then that it didn't sell!!lol!!
Will go out tomorrow and pray (and then put it back on the market). What happens if a person does not have a particular religion....?

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