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oldbat2beApril 10, 2014

I just threw this together last night and it turned out wonderfully.

Warm Potato Spinach Salad

Dice a couple potatoes (as for a potato salad). Cook in plenty of salted boiling water for 10 minutes, drain, put back in pot (to keep warm). Slice onions (one per serving) thinly and saute with a little olive oil, adding water as needed until nicely flavored/sweet. Cook chicken (I like the Bell and Evans), slice thinly. On each plate, add lots of baby spinach, top with warm potatoes and onions, add chicken, cranberries and any other desired ingredients. Top with desired dressing and season generously with salt and pepper. I'm having leftovers for lunch :)

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Looks yummy! I made baby spinach last night as the base for pork chops. I sauteed some sliced mushrooms and garlic, then added a little mushroom broth and baby spinach. My husband doesn't really like greens, but loves mushrooms, so adding them made it palatable to him. I love greens, especially spinach!

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Oldbat, you didn't cook the baby spinach, right? Fishymom, you sauteed your spinach? If my questions seem silly, I'm learning to cook?

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Uncooked for the salad, romy718. Not silly questions at all:)

That sounds good Fishymom. What is mushroom broth? I'm trying to cook more greens and vegetables too, Everybody is pretty good about eating them.

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Oldbat, mushroom broth is my favorite, I use it as a substitute for vegetable, chicken and beef broth. It is not as sweet as vegetable broth and has a hearty flavor. I buy it by the case from Amazon, but you can get it at the grocery store also.

Romy, yes, I saute the spinach. You can just wilt it or cook it until soft. I sometimes start with Pancetta or bacon, saute until crispy, then remove from pan and put on a paper towel to drain then add the mushrooms and garlic. I mix the Pancetta or bacon back in right before serving.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mushroom Broth

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Oldbat- you are amazing!
Can't wait to see your KAW IRL!
DH is getting used to finding greens in a lot of dishes. He is good with spinach, tolerates chard, hasn't figured out that I sneak in Lambs Quarter but hates kale in any form. I do manage to sneak Kale into smoothies but was "busted" once when he found a big green glob on an ice cube that didn't get mashed completely. Oops

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A2gemini, my husband will not eat regular curly kale but will likes Tuscan kale. I saute it the same way I do the spinach and he will eat it. I also chop up any leftovers and put them in his breakfast scrambles.

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