My PB just left me a message to say that if I

banana_fannaNovember 5, 2010

want to add a Jandy remote system, it'll set me back $3700. What does that price include and does that seem like a reasonable price??

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Depends on which Remote he is quoteing. They have the RS series were you have in indoor unit and a Spa side. Or the PDA which is a a wireless system.

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Doesn't matter none of them should run you $3700

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It has been established on this forum over and over again that things cost differently from state to state. I charge $1600 for the Jandy Salt but I have noticed that some builders in Texas charge $1750. That doesn't mean that the other guy is racking you for an additional $150. It just means the maybe his shippping cost more or his labor is higher to install it. Here in Atlanta I charge $3950 for the RS-8 with a PDA hanheld. For the PDA-8 Standalone handheld I charge $2950.

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