Blue Granite Pebble Sheen Looks VERY Green

JPE5November 3, 2012

I just had a new pool built and it was just filled yesterday. After looking at Aqua Blue and Blue Granite pebble sheen pools that were built by my pool builder I chose blue granite pebble sheen. When I saw the blue granite pebble sheen pool, the first thing I said was "oh, that is really pretty". Now when I see mine, the first thing I say is "oh that is really ugly and I wonder how much it costs to change it". I realize the water was just filled yesterday and it has no chemicals in it yet. I'm not sure when they are coming to add chemicals.

I've seen pictures on this forum of blue granite pebble sheen before chemicals were added and none of them looked as green as mine. My pool builder said all the colors will look green when they are first filled until the chemicals get added and balanced and it filters for a while. But then he added, the blue granite can throw a green color. I didn't want any green in my pool at all.

Also, from a distance (from inside the house) the water looks dark and black and just reflects the stone wall. I don't think that will change with chemicals. Very disappointing.

Anyone have any thoughts? How long will it take for the color to get blue? How long do they have to wait to add chemicals? I saw another posting on this site where the pool stayed green even after adding chemicals.

Does blue granite pebble sheen look black or very dark from a distance?

I keep thinking I should have chosen the aqua blue, but when I saw the aqua blue I kept thinking it looked like someone added blue dye to the pool and it looked like a blue snow cone.

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I'm uploading the picture of my pool from yesterday. I thought it was on the original post.

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Any new plaster can look green for awhile because of the chemicals in your water. Blue Granite is very pretty....just give it a little time to settle down. It could be 30 days of daily brushing before the true color is revealed.

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Hi JPE5,

Our pool is about 90% the same. Raised rock wall, stone coping (mine is travertine coping. from pic its looks like yours is also travertine coping), square pool, and even down to the same BLUE GRANITE p/s and mind WAS JUST FILLED 2 DAYS BEFORE YOURS!

The chemicals was added 2 days after my pool was filled up. They should be contacting you any day now to add chemicals.

I had originally decided on Aqua Blue when we signed the contract back in May and I changed it only 1 day before they came out to pebble sheen the pool.

I had looked at numberous pictures and realize that Aqua Blue gave me the same feeling of blue dyes in the water so changed it just in the nick of time.

Anyhow, when water was all filled up it was greenish and after they added the chemicals the water turned bluer. Almost like a smokey blue. I actually like it a lot and glad I didn't go with Agua Blue.

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Hi Karen 4235,
Yes, my pool has scabos travertine pavers for the coping. Your's does look very similar and I also have the 3 sheer waterfalls as well. Your water color is very pretty. My pool builder just added chemicals today, but I have not seen the pool yet. But my son said it is still green after the chemicals being added. The pool builder said he has never seen one this green before, but to be patient. Ugh! So hard to spend all of this money and not get what you were expecting. I didn't like the blue aqua but at this point it would be better than what I got. I was expecting the color that is in your picture. My pool finished filling this past Friday morning (11/2) and by Saturday it was green than it was on Friday. So it is greener than the picture I posted. I hope I don't have to wait 30 days for it to turn blue.
How long did it take for yours to turn blue?

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The color of the water in your picture and in Karens pics looks the same. Actually yours looks bluer. Hers looks bluer near the trim tile on the steps.
Give it some time, all pebble tec products are the same.

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Any change?

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More chlorine was added yesterday and the color has changed more blue. I'm happy with it.

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Yay!!! your color looks just like mine. whew it could have been a nightmare if you had to change out the pebble color. My coping is also Scabas.

I love the Scabas patio pavers you have. Absolutely love your paver design. So I find that the my copings are very slippery when wet? are yours slippery? what size are they? minds is 12x24. from picture it looks like they are 12x12?

Is there a way to make them not so slippery when wet?

how long did your whole pool process take? ours took 5 months. I'm not thrilled at all on there soooo speed.

where do you live? i am out in Pleasant Hill, CA 94565 by San Francisco.

Keep sending more pictures once you have all the landscapes up. I would love to see end result once its all landscaped out. then again is there really and end to it? lol

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Your pool looks great. Im down in Socal, huntington Beach. What is your stacked stone color and style, looks awesome. Are they panels or individual stones? Love the spillways too.

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hi Ibphathead19,

My stones are called Desert Haze. They are natural stone panels that come 6"hx18L. they have locking step edges so you just interlock to make a straight run. they come in straight run and corner pieces that have the nice facings to them.

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I am in NE Phoenix/Scottsale, AZ area. The travertine is 12x12 bullnose around the edge of the pool and the rest is 6x12 tumbled pavers. We haven't been on it too much when it is wet, but it hasn't been slippery. I think being tumbled makes it not slippery.
The whole process took about 45 days, maybe just slightly more to build the pool. They started Sept 13th and the pebble sheen was installed on Oct 31st. I was impressed with the speed the pool was built. They moved fast and even worked all day on Saturdays. I actually caused about a week delay because I could not decide on the waterline tile. My builder actually had to go to the tile store and pick up a sample of the tile I chose since he didn't have a sample. You can't see it in the picture, but it has some gold/brown it which causes it to slightly sparkle in the sun.

I don't remember the stone color, but it was in the gold tone range. Some of the choices had more grays in it. It is individual linear stones and the top is flagstone.

My pool builder said the pool probably had some algae in it which is why it was greener than any start up pool he had seen. And it got greener after the first day of fill. It had been in the mid-90's when the pool got filled, so it was hot to have it without chemicals in it.

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@JPE5 just wondering about your you remember what color? Do they get hot in the summer? and how are they holding up? Thanks, they are so pretty it's what I'm considering

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your pool color looks amazing! I am glad the green went away. I have a section on my website in the gallery pools and finish colors that allows customers to look at various pools with different finishes. And it is amazing how some pools with the same color look different than others. Often time the amount of trees, colors of surroundings really impact it. Your looks perfect though!

tony c

Here is a link that might be useful: pool gallery showing different colors

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JPE5 - do you remember the name/color of your waterline tile?

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