Pentair Minimax 400 Heater....Help!

trhtexasNovember 24, 2010

My heater has been off since last winter (Texas). All control panal lights are on. Service light is "Off". Pilot light is lit, but burners wont light and I believe it is from no gas to the burners. Any advice would be helpful. Pool man is off till Monday and kids are home for Thanksgiving and would like to use the spa. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Can you narrow that down a bit?

Minimax Plus?
Minimax NT? (lo nox, LP, TSI?)

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Trh, if you're sure the pilot is on maybe it's just not hot enough to open the thermal valve so needs to be adjusted

Or maybe you think it's on but it's not

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Maybe you should become more knowledgeable before sending someone on a wild goose chase.

If a minimax heater has a light it's electronic ignition.

If there is a service light on a heater it's not millivolt as suggested as before.

Typically when the service light goes off, it means that the pilot is lit, and the rectification system is detecting proper flame.

Chances are, the gas valve, or ignition module need to be replaced, but I can't say this with absolute certainty without having my hands on it.

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