winter pool care dallas, tx

diggerboyjuniorNovember 7, 2010

i've had my pool for 2 years and have been maintaining it myself since the beginning of this summer. i'm wondering as we get into colder temps do i need to shock? can i cut down on the chlorine? the pool is open all winter, is there a water temp to gauge when i can not expect algae to grow?

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If it is gunite definitely don't shock it! Someone I know did and it left white spots on the grey plaster bottom.

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Cold temps only reduce the chlorine demand. Below 55 degrees, salt cells stop producing. Many people use Clorox to augment the free chlorine level. Filter cycles may be shortened except in freeze protect modes.

Please remember, algae is only one of the many badies that can invade a pool. Keeping the FC, pH, Alk, and CH are still important.

Using powdered chlorine may add undesirables such as extra CYA or calcium and tend to be slow to dissolve. Using bleach adds only a little salt and has no solubility issues.


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