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missleahApril 1, 2009

We have our home up for sale with a limited broker service. Basically they put our home on MLS and we do the rest. So I made this very nice ad using some nice looking templates and posted them on craigslist. I get a call today from a Broker who states "I noticed your home for sale on craigslist. I am a broker (I tell him I have a broker) and he wants to know if I can email him the info on how and where I got my template from so he can list his properties using templates like mine." NO KIDDING - TOOK ALOT OF GUTS TO CALL TO ASK THIS. I am totally offended but kindly respond to him telling him to do his own google search for his own templates, thank you for calling and hang-up. Can you believe that? Here I am thinking someone wants to set up a showing and he wants my secrets on making my ads look nice. If he had any smarts at all he would have seen at the bottom of the ad the template service I used. Am I wrong to think this was a rude phone call? In this market we sellers need to stand out from the rest - right?

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Nah, I wouldn't have been offended. It's a compliment. He liked your template. During the course of selling, or buying, there's lots of opportunities to be offended. Wait for something more substantial or you're going to be exhausted soon! Besides, it's a business transaction. No room for emotions like "offended" in a business transaction. (grin)


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I actually think you might consider the fact that this might be a service you could charge for and possibly make a living. Small businesses get started this way.

Triciae is right, this is a genuine compliment and a very nice one at that. You might consider working out a deal with him to build him a starter template for a fee.

If you're interested in starting a business, that is. Personally, I'd be all over that.

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I wouldn't have been offended. I'd take it as a compliment and would have been as polite and accomodating as possible. You never know when that broker would want to actually show your home.

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Do you generally not like RE people? I know a lot of people dislike realtors UNLESS they need them-lol
I notice this more with sellers than buyers.

I'd be polite. You never know, he may have a buyer, or tell others about your property UNLESS he's one of those who boycotts limited broker listings...

I understand your "snippiness". It's just part of the sllers frustration. I used to get aggravated when I was listed with a limited broker and would have agents call wanting to list...
Wait, it gets worse. They may bring lookers through your home,not buyers. That one will really drive you crazy. You'll want every buyer to be serious, especially since they claim that they have pre-qualified, ready buyers. Unfortunately, the buyers are as sneaky as the realtors-lol

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Guess you aren't familiar with the saying "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

Like triciae said, emotion shouldn't have a place in real estate.

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I think this was a call to try to solicit your business and then he was just trying to flatter you.

Hey, this is part of FSBO - get used to it.

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"If he had any smarts at all he would have seen at the bottom of the ad the template service I used. Am I wrong to think this was a rude phone call? In this market we sellers need to stand out from the rest - right?"

Tell the broker you will do a template for him if he brings you a buyer!

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I thought it was very nice of him to call and ask. I would not have been offended at all. It is obvious you do not like folks in the real estate profession.I would have given him the template.

Disclaimer: I am not in the real estate profession and never have been.

As far as it taking him a lot of guts to call and ask. I agree. This shows he is probably very good in his profession, because it takes guts and very thick skin.

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It's not that I don't like folks in the real estate profession, it's just that they are so heavy on FSBO folks now to list with them, that they should be concentrating more on working with buyers to close on sales. I was expecting the call to lead to a showing not my "secrets" for advertising - which by the way I'm not sharing with anyone in my local town. Too much competition right now ;)

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It's just a template.

(What if you've blown off the one Realtor who will be working with the one buyer for whom your home is perfect?)

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Err, umm... could we have a link to this great listing... and the secret-squirrel template?... just a lil' peeky?... ;')

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I'd be worried that he could have a buyer down the road and your response to him could have screwed it up.

I would have taken it as a form of flattery, but I probably wouldn't have given him the copy. I would have been much more polite to him.

Would love to see your ad. C'mon, just a little sneeky peeky!

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They're called Postlets, makes for a nice, neat format. Oftentimes I'll see extraneous html on the page which should have been cleaned up. These are the listings that I see over, and over again. I do get broker calls for listings on both CL and Zillow but most of these are just looking for a listing. It's the eBay emails I cannot stand, 'how do you make the clock follow the mouse like that'. Just a 480 line xml program.

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There are a lot of things out there to be offended about. This isn't one of them. ;-)

I agree with those who have said that this should've been taken as a compliment. I wouldn't have minded helping the guy out -- you never know when he might be able to return the favor.

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I never heard of this, so I just Googled it. Really neat! I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!

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Wow! I can't believe something like this would piss you off! I would be flattered! Maybe this kind of attitude is one reason our world is in the shape it is today. Be nicer.

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Wow. Such thin skin you have? I'd hate to be the agent that actually brings you an offer. Why did it take "ALOT (sic) OF GUTS TO CALL"?

FYI, and the broker probably didn't know this, but it shouldn't take more than about 9 seconds to copy your web page. Like it or not, anyone can do it, with or without your permission.

Where did this judgment come from? Does it serve you?

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This is a great example of someone who probably shouldn't be doing FSBO. If the simple stuff upsets you, you're going to be a mess when you start working on an offer.

I always FSBO, but I am NEVER rude to agents, even those who call just to offer to list my homes. I am currently in the process of closing a home I was going to FSBO but an agent sent out a letter asking if any units were for sale. I let him sell to his waiting client because he was comfortable meeting my financial needs (I have a bottom line cash out amount I want) and we just upped the price to include his fees and closing costs.

If I were you I'd consider calling back and making a totally BS excuse about the fact that you were having a bad day. Share the template information and close your call with a simple "If you know anyone suitable for the house I'd love to show it to them". This isn't the best market to peeve off the professionals. Even in a FSBO there's room for negotiations with pros. I have paid fees to several agents for bringing me a buyer..negotiated fees, less than the normal 6% but still...a sale is a sale and if they have a buyer...I'm never rude!

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