How do you think my realtor did?

littlebug5April 12, 2009

Here's my listing. What do you think?

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Lovely home with beautiful stone work. I think your Realtor did a good job.


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I cut and pasted the url, but only the Country Homes site came up.

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Same with me.....only the homepage came up.

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Well I don't know why that link quit working. Try this one:

Here is a link that might be useful: My listing

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Wow! LOVE that stone work. I'd have to redo the cabinet doors, though. I realize they are special, but you'll have to find a special person to love them, too. But, for me it wouldn't be a sale stopper.

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The cupboards would be a sale stopper for me. Those are expensive to replace.

The photo with the fireplace looks very cluttered. The doilies are competing with all the other textures in the room.

You could also remove the small what looks like bathroom rug from under the table in the LR... looks out of place and is mismatched size.

Love the stonework, but to me, the house looks extremely dated.

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I agree the house does look extremely dated and cluttered. Your agent should have had you remove lots of the items before they took the pictures. The kitchen cabinets would also be a bit of concern to me. Just looking at the pictures of them makes my eyes glaze busy looking. Could you maybe paint over them? Some of the pictures make the rooms look dark also. Any way to light up the pictures? NancyLouise

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I love your outdoor stone wall. The house looks dark and dreary though. I actually wondered if it was raining when the picture was taken, but the sky looks fairly blue. Anything you can do to add some color? Potted flowers?

Portions of your house are fantastic, and other parts, not-so-much. You can alleviate some of the dated feel by removing bedroom pics.

I think this pic looking dated is due to the bar stools. Without them, or with mission-style stools, the bar area would look better.

In this picture, I'd close the door and remove the stand and picture. The foyer will show nicely with the marble floor alone.

In this picture the fireplace is outstanding. The mantel decor is not. Get rid of the pictures and doilies and put a couple of vases or candle sticks of staggered height on one end and retake the photo.

There are so many things wrong with this picture I'm not sure where to start. Remove the afghan. It adds to the "gramma" feel. The bookcases look like you didn't have enough books to fill them. Steinmart offers cheap vases, faux books, vases, etc that you could judiciously place to bring positive attention to the shelves. No Steinmart? Try TX Maxx, Tuesday Morning, Target or any other cheapie store.

Your staircase is not a highlight. I looked at and wondered how I'd put in a sturdier railing where there is one, and how I'd install one where it is missing. Remove that pic.

Does your decking look as bad as the little I can see between the massively overgrown bushes hints that it does? (Out by the slider)

I'm not going to touch the kitchen for a critique because I think the reaction is either "love it!" or "hate it!".

Unlabeled pictures do not help. I wondered what some of the rooms were.

Your house looks like the Realtor mixed up two listings pictures. On the one hand, some rooms are completely redone and beautiful. Other rooms show wear and tear that makes the house seem old and uncared for. The outside of the house sports a wonderful back deck but little curb appeal. Are you appealing to the professionals, hunters, seniors? Who? Pick one style and go with it. Remove some of the pictures that add nothing to your listing, retake others that are just plain bad and update the listing to entice prospective buyers to come out and see your house.

littlebug5 :How do you think my realtor did?
xamsx: Lousy.

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There are too many photos. There are enough photos, that if I were looking, to make me skip the house altogether.

The staircase is an accident waiting to happen. You're missing all the families with young kids b/c there is no rail or bannister for safety. I bet it is against code.

I agree, the realtor did a lousy job in photos, but as the seller, you haven't done a great job staging your house for sale.

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Thanks for the comments.

Yes, the kitchen cabinets are quite unusual - they were custom-made for the home from lumber cut from the woods behind the house. They would be quite expensive to replace and I think we'll leave them alone.

I'll remove the afghan and the rug from under the coffee table. I totally agree with those changes. As far as the room with the bookcases (our den) I was clearing the shelves purposefully, trying for decluttering. How about taking all the stuff from above the kitchen fireplace and moving them to the den shelves?

Yeah, I think the staircase picture is silly, too. And it was a dreary day outside when the pictures were taken. We need a sunshiny day, flowers in all my pots, and a freshly-mowed green yard.

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I understand decluttering the shelves. They look a bit off though. I wouldn't pack them, but I would add a few pieces to make them looked used. I think some of that fireplace stuff might work very well on the shelves. When you put up something(s) on a shelf, take a step back, then walk out of the room and come in and look at what you placed to see if it is pleasing and adds to the "feel" of the room.

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You've got some major work to do if you are going to sell in this market.
The house has no flow. It's a hodge podge of styles. It's CLUTTERED. It has wallpaper, it looks like somebody started out with the idea of a lovely cabin and then suddenly decided to go mod.
In some places there's not enough furniture to give me a clue as to what the room is let alone how it's used.
If I was in your area looking for a house yours would be a sure pass.

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