one of my hardware contenders

Holly- KayApril 20, 2013

This is one of the pulls that I am considering. If I chose this I will do all my cabinets and drawers with pulls. I would only use the pulls with backplate on my three 36 inch drawers, two per drawer.

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Holly- Kay

This is what the pull would look like with the backplate.

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That is beautiful.

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Holly- Kay

Thank you I like it. I also love the back plate but I think it would be too busy to use it extensively in the kitchen so I will just do the backplate on the drawers under the cook top if I chose this one!

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Wow! Really beautiful!

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Not my personal style, but still a beautiful look in the right kitchen. Very classy!

What about using the backplate on all the drawers, and no plate for regular doors/uppers?

Just the 36 inch would work too, but figured I'd chime in in case you are looking for an excuse to use more backplates :-)

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Holly- Kay

Thanks Williamsen. I love the look with the backplate but I think it would look too over the top to use on all drawers but IDK. I do like the simple but elegant lines of it and It is brass instead of zinc which is something I want as far as material goes. I am just not sure that it isn't too fussy.

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Oh My, is that ever gorgeous! Love both the design and the finish. How about using the pull w/out backplate for your top shallower drawers, and then the two-piece set on the larger lowers? You can't go wrong either way, they are just beautiful.

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Not my kitchen style either, but beautiful and would love them on a vintage cherry dresser I have.

Are you planning an ornate or vintage-ish kitchen?
From this angle they look shallow; do they have enough room to get a larger hand in there?

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Holly- Kay

Actually island my kitchen will probably be a mix as is the rest of my home. I love elegance but I also love cozy. Those two styles always pull me every which way. I will see if I can get a better picture so you can see the depth. it is hard for me to tell if it would fit a big hand because my hands are very small. I take a size 4.5 ring. Dag gone unfair that my hand is the smallest part of my body!

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Really elegant! Looks beautiful with your wood tones. Who makes it? Can't wait to see it all finished.

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Holly- Kay

sanjuan, it is made by Alno. The wood finish that you see there is on a table top. My cab will actually be a wheaten maple. I will surely post pics when it is completed!

Island, here is a pic of the pull from a different angle so you have a better idea as to depth.

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Holly- Kay

and another.

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Ha, funny Holly. Size 5 ring here and I can relate to the rest of it.

They look pretty roomy for knuckle draggers too.

Can't wait to see where you're heading with your elegant space.

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They are really pretty- both with and without the backplate!
Who makes them?

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Holly-Kay, That is one pretty pull, with or without the backplate. The backplate definitely dials it up a notch. It's more ornate than I would use, but I can still appreciate that you've found something unique and beautiful.

My one concern would be cleaning--lots of nooks and crannies to try to keep clean, and even more to do with the backplate. It's worth it, though, if it makes you happy to see them when you walk in your kitchen.

I think choosing hardware for my cabinets will actually be the hardest decision for me to make. Last time I looked, nothing I thought would look good actualy looked good, and those that I didn't like that much looked the best. Now that we have almost all the elements in the kitchen, I need to start looking again, and I dread it. So if you've found something you love and looks good with your cabinets, you've done well.

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Holly- Kay

Thanks sail. It truly has been quite a search. I am still not sure that this is what I will ultimately use. I swear I have been through every knob on a site that has over 12,000 styles. I just can't find the right combo of beautiful hardware with a beautiful finish. I find one or the other.

I am anxious to see this pull next to my sample cabinet. I had my sample of the cab here at my office and my hardware sample at home so toninght my cab sample is going home with me so I can see them together. I am glad I ordered this though as the finish doesn't look like the pic on line. I was also considering it in a darker finish but I am just not sure that this pull is what I want.

I like a knob made by Colonial and I love their lifetime warranty on the finishes of their product but I am underwhelmed by the pull selection in the Colonial line. I really would like to go with all pulls but at this point not sure
because the Colonial knobs are pretty the pulls not so much.

As of now my search continues!

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Ooooh, Alno Fiore!! That was my dream hardware. And my dream color. Until I added up all the cost, and realized I could buy a used car for the same money. It is gorgeous, and I really, really hope I don't regret not biting the bullet on it. FWIW, I like it best without the backplate. The lovely curvature is more accentuated when it stands alone. Congrats on a great choice.

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Holly- Kay

Thank you MizLizzie. If I use the Fiore I am only using the backplates on the (3) drawers under my cook top so that would be a total of 6 pulls with the backplate and I would use it alone everywhere else.I really love the beautiful curve and classic simplicity of it but I am still all over the map on what I want to do!

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