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mary_c_gwMay 1, 2011

Today was a good day! I took my son and his girl to a fundraising at a place called Selah ranch. One of my neighbors is the girlfriend of the owner. Girlfriend seems a silly term - she's 76 and he's in his mid eighties.

There were tours of the ranch, a fajita cookout, a raptor demonstration, and a silent auction of many handcrafted items. Really beautiful things!

So while talking to Joanna I volunteered to make them a bed sized (queen probably) for next year's auction. I did say I would declare the value, and a reserve price. I'll try to find a old fashioned pattern - so I'll take any suggestions!!

Then when we were leaving she asked if I would consider "perhaps, maybe, if you're not too busy" would I consider looking at some of David's antique quilts, and possibly recreating them for actual use on some of the beds at the ranch.


I do not want to be in business in any formal sense any more, but making a couple would put me just in the "hobby income" arena. And the auction quilt would be a straight out donation, and I can deduct the cost of my materials.

Either way, I'm excited about the prospects.

Selah Ranch is a charity we donate to regularly anyway, but this is the first year for the silent auction, so I'll be thrilled to make something that could possibly bring them more money than I usually donate.

Website for Selah, Bamberger Ranch.

Here is a link that might be useful: Selah, Bamberger Ranch

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What a wonderful place to visit. Wish I lived closer. I'm sure your quilt will do you proud.


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That is exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to make for the auction. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

I don't know anything about antique quilts, but I'm sure that will be an interesting challenge.

Sleah ranch sounds like a great place. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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What a beautiful place! I have a magazine from 1934 on needlecrafts and quilts blocks were featured in an article. I would be happy to copy it and mail it to you, if you'd like. I tried to take a picture, but you can't read any of the words. I think this was a progressive magazine in its day :)

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How exciting!!!! I would love to see pics of the David's antique quilts too.
Keep us posted please!

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What a great project. Perhaps you can do a block from several of the quilts and make a sampler for the auction.


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