Experience with IKEA Quartz Fabricators?

mlouisApril 12, 2013

We shopped around and got several quotes for Caesarstone Organic White in the tri-state (NJ/NY/CT) area. We are looking at 57 sq. ft. and a pretty standard install (i.e. sink cut out, one faucet hole, cooktop cut out, 1/4 in. bevel edge).

The price from IKEA was a little cheaper than another company with a really good reputation (www.marble.com). However, if you apply the 20% sale IKEA has going on at the moment, the difference is 1K plus.

I've been searching the internet and Gardenweb to find reviews about the experience working with IKEA fabricators/installers.

Any information about their quality of work, turnaround time, final pricing (since IKEA only gives you a rough estimate), communication throughout the process etc. would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Ikea doesn't do their own fabrication, they get bids from local fabricators to do all the fabrication for Ikea customers. As you would expect Ikea selects the lowest bid and gives the contract to that bidder. I don't think you can generalize the experience with one Ikea installation to the next unless you find someone purchasing from the exact same store as you in the recent past.

Personally I would never take a chance on letting someone else choose my fabricator. Its not worth the potential headaches to me.

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modern life interiors

from ikea i bought kitchen cabinets and corian for the counters in ny area. counters are not installed yet

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I'm in the middle of renovating a kitchen and am using IKEA cabs. I'm doing this project from a distance (I live in Atlanta and the house we are renovating is in CA). Since I was doing my shopping from IKEA in the Atlanta store, I didn't realize at the time that different IKEA stores have different countertops available. I figured that what I wanted wouldn't be offered through IKEA so I just started looking for countertops and fabricators on my own. I've talked to and gotten bids from probably 8 different fabricators in the Bay area, and as it turns out, the one I'm using is the one that IKEA uses. Their price was the lowest (bids for 50 sq feet of Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil came in from 4700-7000), but the person I've been working with has been very responsive and helpful. Other places kind of had the attitude of "well if you can't afford this price I can show you some laminate" LOL.

Anyway, IKEA can tell you who their local fabricator is and you can talk to them yourselves to see if you like them (and research customer reviews).

As for me, templating is next week, so hopefully when I fly out there the fabricator will be their on time!

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I just had my Ikea Caesarstone Organic White counters installed by their local contract fabricators.

I bought my cabinets and counters both from Ikea. I hadn't planned on getting the counters from Ikea, but because the quote came in $1,0000 less than my other quote I decided to go with it, even though Organic White wasn't my first choice. (I'm only going to be in this house another year or so).

In in the San Francisco east bay, and I was a little nervous because the Yelp reviews on this particular fabricator were mixed. However, it turned out to be a very good experience. They were on time, very pleasant and helpful, answered all my questions, and did a great job templating and installing.

My only issue is with the seams. I knew with a white counter I would see the seams. They did a great job making the seam very tight and small, however, they didn't do a good color match to the white counter, so I think the seam is more visible than it should be. I might call them and see if they can redo the seam fill.

Overall though - it was a good experience. YMMV - since each Ikea contracts with a different local fabricator.


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As the others have noted, ikea fabricators vary from store to store. I decided to go with Ikea because when I was in there ordering my cabinets, I spotted the exact Caesarstone I wanted--Raven--and with the sale, their price is vastly lower than the place I'd been dealing with. The kitchen was just templated this morning so I won't see the final results for 10 days or so. But the people I've dealt with so far have been very helpful and responsive and the templating guy was thorough and nice. I'm in DC, fwiw.

Good luck! Can't wait to have my counters in.

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Thank you all for responding.

bons - I'll add keeping an eye on the seams to my to-do list.

DCkitchen13 - I got all giddy when I spotted my countertop at IKEA. : )

Anne2326 - good luck with your appointment next week. Great idea to get the name of the company from IKEA.

They had a couple of BBB complaints that were resolved and two bad Yelp reviews in the last two years... mmmmhhh... I'm thinking it's not worth the risk.

In the words of my better half: what's another (in this case) $1,000 in the big scheme of things... Oh, how I miss you, originalbudgetcap. lol

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It is not the material providers, but the INSTALLERS that you need be aware of. We were just burned on a $12,000 kitchen. Counter top vendor COSENTINO (AZ) was WONDERFUL, very professional. The Installers, Artisan, however, totally ruined the job, poor manufacturing, sloppy unsquare cuts, non uniform curves, a real hack job. Surprised they did not use a chain saw. Sent photos of runined cabinets and unsquare countertops, not even covering the cabinets to IKEA ... IKEA does NOT STAND BEHIND the installers that THEY contract with. It's YOUR problem. And as you may know, you have to pay in full to get the job scheduled. So S.O.L. for you. Retain a good attorney, because IKEA does not care about your satisfaction, once the check clears, despite IKEA having chosen the installer. And that the installer ruined the cabinet during install ... well, that too bad too. IKEA voids the warranty once the installers make a cut. NEVER PAY IN FULL for a SUB CONTRACTED INSTALLATION EVER! Or you will be in the position we are in. Pay the extra and avoid IKEA for the countertop ... you will save time and money and aggravation. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED.

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Thought I'd pipe up since we just had our Caesarstone Raven countertops installed last week and had bought them from IKEA Brooklyn. The installer was fine. I had heard some really hair-raising stories about IKEA's subcontractors in the NYC area, but took the chance because of the price difference with the IKEA kitchen sale. I was relieved when the process went smoothly. We templated, waited 2 weeks for fabrication, and then got them installed. Nothing was damaged, the undermount cutout was perfect, and the guys caulked where needed.

Two things to point out if you use IKEA - if your original estimate is off and you owe for more square footage (they round up!), they will not start fabrication until you pay the extra. That's fine - it took a phone call and a credit card. Another thing, which I guess I should've specified to the templaters but didn't know to do so - if you have a deep sink like I do (10 inches), you should ask that the front lip of your counter be less than 4 inches wide. Three inches would've been better for me - I have to bend a bit to reach the bottom of the sink.

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I'd suggest to find out who the fabricator/installer is and then check references and reviews.

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