Darn dog spots in front yard!!!

stephpiApril 14, 2011

Now that the snow has melted here in MN, we are left with our dogs 'pee' spots. Unfortunately she goes right in the front yard. Not so great curb appeal.

We will be putting down some grass seed, but in the meantime is there anything we can do? We have a showing in the morning(we haven't had one since the snow has melted), and everything looks okay out there except for that. I think I might have been the only Minnesotan wanting the snow to stay on the ground this year!

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Are the spots brown? How about spray paint?

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I realized that some people might have thought I was joking above. They really do make non toxic spray paint for grass. Google "spray paint for grass".

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I was going to say the same thing. I've seen them do it on some real estate shows.

Around here, most people put straw over places they've seeded. You could do that to show potential buyers you're taking care of things. Or just new top soil over the spots might do that too.

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I've seen containers of stuff to feed your dog to keep from killing the grass at pet stores. I don't know whether it works, or the potential side effects, but that might be an option.

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Yes the spots are brown. And our yard is just about completely green now.

I was too afraid of ridicule to mention spray paint, but I seriously thought about it!! I didn't even know about special non-toxic stuff for grass. Thanks, I will look into that paint since it will take a while for those brown spots to go away.

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I used that stuff when selling a house and had spots all over the yard where the dog's urine had killed the grass.

I bought it over the internet and mixed it up in a pump sprayer. It really does hide the spots. The stuff I bought didn't match the grass exactly, it was an emerald green, but when I stepped back and looked at it, it looks fine. Wear plastic gloves and old shoes when working with it.

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That was my first thought too, spray paint, and I didn't even know they made a kind for the lawn!

I have 2 dogs, and also am just now seeing those spots on my lawn.

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This may help to prevent future spots. Our last dog and current dog are a breed known to have issues with bladder crystals. As such, we have only given them distilled water.
We think that may be why the grass is always a lush green, and grows faster than the rest of the lawn.

Worth a try.

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You might want to treat those spots before you reseed.
Do a google search to "neutralize dog urine spots in lawn."

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I read somewhere to feed the dog a tablespoon or two of tomato juice daily. It would be worth researching.

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