Pentair MiniMax NT - Blower Help

bigredpepperNovember 30, 2007


I just replaced the Digital Display Controller (472100) on my Pentair Minimax NT spa heater. Now I get ERR on the front panel. Cycling power on the junction box gives me one red flash on the Ignition Module, which maps to Air Flow Fault.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot further?

The blower never comes on, I suspect the blower but have no idea how to confirm.

Manual w/ wiring diagram here:

Thanks in advance,

Any help in avoiding the pool/spa mafia around here will be greatly appreciated.

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Congratulations on your investment in the DDTC part. Will you be eating at McDonalds this month?

The ERR code is only one of two things. Improper voltage or a bad temp probe.

1. Chances are you did not change voltage lately but highly likely you forgot to reconnect the temp probe onto the board.

2. If you did connect it, the thing is bad. Is it a yellow cord or white? White are lousy and it is certainly shorted.

What was the symptom that caused the board replacement?

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The original symptom was that there was no information on the DDTC except for a Pressure SW indicator. Replacement of the DDTC module fixed that.

What I have found since I posted is that I have only 13.7vac coming off the transformer, with good line voltage going in. It seems that these transformers are fairly standard, so I will be getting one tomorrow.

That might explain why my DDTC fried, right?

Seems it would be simple to have incorporated a low volt fault system to keep a 5.00 transformer from killing a 300.00 DDTC.

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The transformer better be the NT specific one (471571). Others will not work. Make sure you get a good solid ground on it or it won't fire.

You may have a short somewhere that fried your board and transformer.

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My four year old mini max heater just failed. It won't fire and only the power and pressure leds light up. I checked the sensors with a multimeter and all seem to be working. When I tap the black relay module on the DDTC board the blower comes on for about 5 to 10 seconds and then shuts off. Any ideas? Like you I hate to put out $300 for the board only to find out that it is something else!

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You need to see the lights on the back of the board.

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my heater reads off in pool or spa mode and persure switch light is off please help

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It would be better if you started a new thread, but if it says "off" that means that the contacts on the pressure switch are open for one reason or another.

Common causes of this are.

1. Dirty filter.
2. Dirty stainer baskets
3. Clogged impeller
4. bad pressure switch.

There are many others, but these are the ones that I would start with.

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