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WetBehindEarsGuyNovember 21, 2011

We are still in the process of obtaining quotes from various pool builders however we now have questions regarding the many different equipment options that are out there. Specifically we are receiving quotes on:

�650 Sq. ft. Gunite free form pool w/ sunshelf


�Gas Heater

�Automated Pool cleaner


�Hayward 450 sq. ft. Swim Clear Cartridge filter (with 1.5 HP Pump)

�Jandy DEL Series DE filter

�Hayward Pro-Grid DE Filter

What is the life of a cartridge?

How much is the cost to replace the cartridges (4 I believe)?

How often do you have to backwash with a D.E filter?

How much are the chemicals/DE supplies and how often do they need to be replaced?

Gas Heaters:

�Hayward Universal H-Series 400K BTU

�Raypac 400K BTU

�Jandy LXi

Is one better than the other in terms of life/reliability, efficiency and cost to operate?


�Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite Salt Chlorination System

�Jandy Aqua Pure Chlorination System

Is one better than the other in terms of life/reliability, efficiency and cost to operate?

Automatic Cleaners:

�Hayward Phantom Turbo w/ booster pump

�Polaris 360 Vac-Sweep w/ booster pump

�Polaris 280 Vac-Sweep w/ booster pump

Does one clean better than the other (or have better features than the other)?

One more reliable than the other?

Thanks for all of your insight!

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Between Hayward and Jandy, go Jandy. Better gear.

The Polaris 280 or 3900 are far superior. The 360 doesn't use a booster. The 380 does.

Toss up on the salt cells but since Jandy offers an extended warranty when you purchase a complete system....no brainer.

Cartridges and DE filter cleaning cycles are environment dependent. Cartridges usually last about 4 years before they need replacing.

Chemistry needs are different for every pool. I suggest you read the Pool School at www.troublefreepools.com (aka TFP) for how to care for the pool. DE is about $1 a lb. Baking soda, Washing soda for balancing, about the same, $1/lb. Muriatic acid is about $15/gal but if you used more that a gallon a year after the 1st year, I would be surprised. Test kit is about $100 with shipping for a quality kit that tests what is important.


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As always thank you Scott for the feedback!
Why do feel Jandy is better...is it more reliable? I only ask because it seems a lot of PBs use Hayward.

Regarding the cartridge filters, do you know about how much the cartridges run?

Also with the DE filter how often would i have to backwash? Is this a large waste of water?

Thanks again...you and many others who post often are providing a great service to us newbies!

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Reliability is 1, Engineering is 2, Local support is pretty darned good too for #3.

Hayward is, for the most part, just cheaply built gear. They have a few good items, but as a total system goes, they have never been able to impress me with a desire to make things better, just cheaper and cheaper isn't usually a good sign of quality.

To this day, I still love the Super Pump. I use them for my own needs as they are cheap, easy to work on, and parts are easy to find when I need them. I beat on them pretty hard. But anything else, I can live without.


I am not alone in that.

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