How soon can you swim in you pool after plaster?

PoolMD123November 2, 2012

How soon can you swim in you pool after plaster? I know you need to fill it, brush it, chemical start up but when can you actually get in and swim? thinking about waiting to plaster until the Spring and we don't want to waste a lot of good weather and not be able to swim. Thanks!

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It depends on which plaster you choose and how your PB finishes the application. Brush or acid wash?

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Once you get chemicals balanced and the plaster dust has been brushed/vacuumed away is what I was told.

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I swam the second the water was to the "full line". It was about 6:00 am and even though I had calculated when the pool should finish filling and set my alarm, I still woke up every hour that night and went outside and checked it. I dang near had a tear in my eye as I pulled the hose out of the pool. I really had no intention of jumping in, it just happened. I splashed around like an idiot laughing the entire time. My wife finally came out and told me to get out of the pool and be quite.

We had to wait for 7 days before we added chemicals and I am not sure if I should have swam during that week but I did and I am still alive. My wife waited out that 7 day period.

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