Baja Shelf Questions

teachereNovember 12, 2011

How big is your baja shelf?

How deep should you make the water? (I'd like it for chairs and a kiddie pool area)

Do you have an umbrella insert? What kind?

What surface did you use for the shelf? We were warned that if we just used the same surface as the rest of the pool, that it would scratch easily.

Would you recommend a bubbler or fountain?

Thanks for your help!

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teachere...our is 20 feet by 10 feet...half of it is 4" deep which is perfect for chairs all year round. The other half of it slopes from 4" deep to 18" deep for chairs at any desired depth. It also contains seats that are at 18" depth with returns that shoot onto your back while sitting in 3 of the seats.

We used a durable pebble finish that looks like sand and also have about 20 mosaic (conch shells, regular shells, starfish, turtles and sea stars) problems with scratching.

We also have 3 bubblers and 3 deck jets that shoot into the beach area that are enjoyed when it gets hot outside.

You also mentioned umbrella sleeves...we have 2 in the beach area that are bronze inserts from SR Smith that were placed during gunite.

Hope this helps.

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