Pressure Testing Pool Lines

obrionusaNovember 10, 2011

One of my Dads friends used to work on pools. He let me borrow a homemade pressure tester he built to detect what lines was leaking. I know it was made out of 1-1/2" PVC. It had a pressure gauge on it and a spicket to hook up a water hose to it. One end hooked into the pool line and the other end was plugged up. You turned the valve on, let it build 10-12 pounds and you shut it off and waited to see if it lost any pressure. If it did wham thats the line that is leaking. Well I didnt get one made before he asked for it back and now I need it and he is sick with cancer. Anyone know how to build one?

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Here's some pix of mine:

Overview: I used 2" pressure rated PVC and Schedule 40 fittings. I have two valves at the top, one for water and the other for air. Not the garden hose gender mender. A Washing machine hose also works well. I have a 2" union with a box of adapters for different applications but the rubber couplings are what I use most.


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Ahhh, Thank you! That is about what he had. He didnt have the air that I recall and not real sure I need it. What do you use most air or water?

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Depends really. Air is usually easier to hear hissing underground but more of a PITA to set up for plus my compressor is kind of small and when it cycles, I can;t hear bupkis.


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