Is new pool ok with no cover over winter

bosox1086November 27, 2010

New gunite pool finished a month or so ago. Not plastering and filling until spring. PB said it would be fine over winter and it probably will be but there's several inches of murky, leaf filled water in it currently. I'm in the NE and that'll definatly freeze in a month or so. Should I get a pump and pump it out or is it really no problem? Just looking for confirmation. Thanks.

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Our pool was shot in December, and was not tiled or plastered until April. We are in NJ. No issues. No need to pump now, it's jut going to fill up over the winter anyway. As long as it's pumped dry and lightly power washed before plastering, you won't have a problem. Go Pats.

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jimbar, shame on you. The Pats? J E T S Jets Jets Jets!

bosox, even though I am a Yankee fan, I will tell you the truth in that as long as the hydrostatic plugs are pulled, the shell will be just fine left alone for the winter without covering.


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Yup. Had Jets season tix, Sec 131, row 2, 50 yard line since they were at Giant's Stadium. For the new stadium, they wanted one time $100,000 in seat license's, and $2800 a game for 4 tix ($700 each), including pre-season, so $28K a year. Used to cost me $4000 a year, $400 a game ($100 each). The J-E-T-S can kiss my A-$-$ !. I'm done with them, go Pats.

Could build another pool or 2 for that money!

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Here's a couple of photos of our build during the winter lag time....

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Sorry Jimbo, didn't know. I certainly can appreciate that.


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Hi, I'm in the Boston area and just finished with gunite. Our PB said the same thing. Only difference is that I think they (read "we") are going to partially fill it - something about it not popping out of the ground? Which PB did you use? Any photos? Thanks, Marta

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