Remove Carpet and Install Wood Floor?

mugnainiApril 4, 2012

We live in Northern VA in a home valued +/- $650K. The main floor has hardwood, except that the living/dining area is carpeted (carpet is in good shape). We have received a $4K quote to remove the carpet, install unfinished hardwood, and refinish the newly installed wood floors, and the existing wood floors to match. We will sell the home in three (3) years. I am interested in views -- from a saleability perspective-- regarding whether you would incur the expense to remove the carpet and install hardwood floors, or not. Thank you.

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I would incur the expense and we did when we bought last year. We refinished hardwoods downstairs and added all new hardwood upstairs. Will you enjoy the hardwood? Your 3 years might turn into 5 or 10, so you might as well do an improvement and enjoy it yourself for a few years, as opposed to doing something just before resale.

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If you are doing it to make money, I don't think you will. If you would like more hardwoods and will appreciate them in the meantime, you'll probably come pretty close to breaking even at resale time.

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