cincinnati pool build - comments please

rgensler2November 6, 2010

Pool: 42' x 21' x 17' free form design with a depth of 3' 6" to 8'. I am waiting on the surface square footage and pool volume.

7000 pound concrete construction with 3/8" and 1/2" steel reinforcing rods 12" on center.

6" x 6" porcelain tile border

interior finish to be diamond brite

walk in steps with sun deck

3 bubblers in sun deck

3 - 250watt under water lights

schedule 40 pvc plumbing with valves

2 surface skimmers

one swim out in deep end

2 main drains with hydro-static valve

up to four directional return fittings

Pentair 300 sq feet cartridge filter

Pentair whisper flow 1-1/2 hp pump

Ray Pak gas heater 336,000 BTU

Polaris 280 pool cleaner

Hayward CL 200 chlorination system/salt system

two tiered water falls (stone work done by others)

10' slide


Deck, coping, and stone work to be done by landscape architect and under a separate bid.

Thanks in advance.

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7000 PSI Concrete? I may be wrong but that seems exagerated. 4 returns, 3 bubblers, 2 waterfalls, and a slide on one pump is a far stretch unless you are going to use one of these features at a time. A bigger filter and heater would be a good thing to ask for.

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If you need a tab feeder, use the Pentair Rainbow series. It just works better. A Hayward CL200 in line has a significant flow restriction that adds back pressure and significantly increases turnover times and reduces overall efficiency

Upsize the heater to the 400. It's use the same amount of gas and work a little faster.

Upsize the filter to the 520. Fewer cleanings needed.

I agree with sceadu about needing another pump for the waterfall, bubblers, and slide. This would also mean adding another set of drains.

A Pentair variable speed pump has the capability of doing it with a single pump and can save you energy when the features aren't being used.

I didn't see any automation listed.

Which lights?

Are you sure about the concrete? Most are 3 or 4000 PSI.


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Thanks for the replies.

I already had the question in about a 2nd pump. Architect told me it would have two when we met with him. (One will run the falls.) Pool builder didn't have the 2nd one listed when proposal came in.

I will ask for clarification on the concrete.

Scott-- Not sure what automation is. Please advise what we should be looking for.

Thanks again!

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Automation systems are computerized controls that turn things on and off such as pumps and valves. They allow turning on your features without having to venture out to the equipment pad to manually perform these functions. They all have remote controls available, wired and wireless.

Examples: Pentair Easy Touch, Jandy Aqualink, Hayward Goldline.


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I'm also in the Cincinnati area and having been getting pool bids. I would be interested in comparing notes since I suspect we are talking to the same pool builders.

We are hoping to break ground this spring (trying to finalize things for a contract now).

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Sure that would be fine. Click on my profile link and then click send email. We are also working with a landscape architect.

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