can someone please help me find my mind

hallngardenMay 29, 2011

Hi quilters, haven't posted on this site in a while. In my old age thought it was time to put the quilting away. Have made quilts for years for all of my family. Things change, I have a three year old granddaughter that wants a quilt. Not sure if I can describe what I am looking for, so please bear with me. I have made several quilts using a very easy technique. I cut all my squares the same size, and would stitch them in some manner that after I folded and would sew, there would be a square in the center. All I can remember is folding the squares and sewing and then when i opened , magic, there was a square in the middle. For some reason I think it may have been an Eleanor Burns technique. I just can't figure out how I made these quilts. Thanking you in advance if you can help me figure out how I made these simple quilts.

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Think I may be thinking of the bow tie block. Just not sure.

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Is this the one?

Here is a link that might be useful: 10 minute quilt block

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Grammyp, thank you so much. That's what I was looking for. The older I get the slower my brain gets somedays. But when that little three year old looks into my eyes, and ask , grandmama can we make a quilt, You know I am going to pull out my quilting supplies and start working. Thanks for your help.

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What a fabulous fast and easy pattern to use and it makes such a variety of quilt blocks! Thanks for sharing Grammyp.


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Grammyp, not only did you answer my question about the quilt pattern, the video had a great option of curving the middle to the inside. I was so excited after seeing the video, three year old and I went to the cloth store early this morning to select materials. We have already started. Years ago I made them and just left the middle part straight, but I love the curved look. Saw another video and it was showing how you could add another block in the center and make a faux cathedral block. What I plan to do is make this quilt with the colors we selected, and on the next one using her clothes that she has outgrown for the quilting materials. Made a quilt years ago for her mother using her clothes when she was small. I plead old age when it comes to posting pictures, So very thankful for your help in finding the pattern and so helpful watching the video. So after all these years, thinking I was over quilting, starting again right where I left off.

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You are so welcome. I love that little block. You can make "cathedral windows" or "bow ties" or just a scrappy block. and it is so easy. Jennifer showed it to me at the retreat one year.

Here is a picture of one from another forum.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pic of 10 min block

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