HelP, with pool closing

thegirlysNovember 9, 2010

We live in the NE and order a meyco safety cover for our pool. We were told it would take about 2 weeks. But of course that was wrong!! It will be here supposedly on thur. In the meantime. My husband decides to cover it with our old cover to prevent the leave from fall in pool & then having to keep cleaning the pool untill the new one comes. He did this without telling me, so I never got to check the wAter!! ( I had been checking it periodically & all was fine). So today I go & get water tested & of course everything is off!! So my question is should I take cover off & treat pool. Or just leave it like the guy @ pool store said to do??

Sorry forth long post, bunion am so stressed out about this. Any advise will be so greatly appreciated!! I am ready to kill dh for covering the pool in first place. I was the one cleaning the pool anyway!!!

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listening to that guy is not a bad idea. He has more knowledge in terms of maintaining a pool isn't he? well if its not, then he should not be working in a pool supplies shop after all.

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