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plumberryApril 1, 2014

Can anyone recommend their anti-fatigue mat? I'm looking for something that looks nice for the kitchen.

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I have one from Costco, basic beige that wipes clean easily. As far as anti-fatigue properties, I am unimpressed. It is at my sink and hasn't seemed to make a difference to me. My husband likes it though, so there is that. I plan on replacing it with a Gel Pro, hoping that will help.

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I have a cheapo mat from a discount store. It works okay but the edges curled a little so it slides some. It is better than standing on the cold hard tile floor though. Next time i will definitely splurge on the gel pro or at keast a nice mat from Bed Bath Beyond.

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I was planning on getting a GelPro for the sink area, would love to hear from those who have used it or others.

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I've been really happy with the Gel-Pro (have 2). They hold up well (no spike heels!), and work great. The less expensive ones aren't nearly the same. Do yourself a favor, and if you can swing it, splurge on the gel-pro.

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I have a GelPro & I love it!! I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon so it wasn't too bad. I would buy it again in a second!!

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I've had tile on concrete for 12 years. I use comfy indoor flip-flops almost all the time - simpler for me than mats.

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I have had a Gel-Pro pad for about 5 yrs. Love it! There is no comparison to the one DD got from BJ's (our local big box store). Mine cost around $100 when I bought it, which was a big splurge. But if taken into account how long I've had it and that it sees use every day, it's some of the best money I've spent. Now that I've become accustomed to standing on one to prep all my meals I'd hate to be without it.

A word of caution. Believe it when the label says not to use a vacuum on it. I was rushing around cleaning recently and ran my Dyson over it really quickly. I now have seams splitting apart on the sides & want to kick myself.

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Here's another vote for the Gel Pro. I use mine in front of the sink. It's comfortable, durable, and attractive.

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I got one of those memory foam mats with the microfiber cover after my December knee surgery for a torn meniscus but now I have another problem!!! It's hard cooking with an 89 pound dog in front of the cooktop.. I like the mat, it is soft and really helps the knee but sometimes since you sink in a little it sort of trips you if it grabs onto your shoe edge. I have a gel type mat in front of the sink and I don't really like it, the memory foam one is more comfortable but probably the gel one is safer. I got the gel one at Costco and the foam one at BBBeyond.

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I bought a GelPro directly from them. (Wanted a long one and they have a great fabric selection.)

I'm very happy with its performance. It makes standing in the kitchen so much more comfortable. I've had it for probably 5 or 6 years, and it still looks brand new.

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Hey, dogs always know what's what, lol!

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Purchased one from GelPro for my mother a couple years ago and while I don't find it the most attractive rug ever, wow, is it ever comfortable! She really likes it, and after getting used to "stepping down" off it, she says she'll always have one.

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Ha ha! Love the dog in the way now. I guess he needs his own in a more convenient spot for you.

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I read a post (on here maybe?) where someone recommended buying Crocs (the shoes) instead of a gel mat. My husband and I did that and we love them.

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We have two Wellness mats, which we got after not liking the GelPro, and they're almost my favorite thing in the kitchen. A huge difference; both of us have spinal disc injuries, and the mats make it much easier to get through a session of cooking.

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I have a GelPro in front of my sink and a Costco knock off in front of my stove. I have porcelain tile floors and they do a number on my back. The GelPro is more comfortable and well worth the price. I got mine for free by using Discover points to buy BBB gift cards and a 20% off coupon.

I also wear Crocs around the house (no barefootin' for me!).

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