Can you post your wood range hood pics with a 8' ceiling?

aries61April 22, 2014

Yesterday I posted on the forum with regards to putting a wood range hood in place of the otr microwave.

LWO posted a comment that two of my choices would dominate my kitchen with a 8' ceiling which I didn't even think about. So I thought that it might be a good idea to see what others on here have done with wood hoods with there 8' ceiling.

Thanks for the pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to original posting regarding my wood hood choices

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We have 8' ceilings and have a wood range hood. I think it's fine.

We also had a small hood in our last house with 8' ceilings. It worked.

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While it may be true that the hoods you posted aren't superbly ideal in a perfect world, I sure have seen them in a whole lot of houses with 8 ft ceilings, and no, they didn't dominate the room, any more than marthastoo's hood dominates her gorgeous kitchen.

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Sorry, forgot to say that you wouldn't have the duct going up though, with 8ft, just room for the hood itself and a bit of crown, maybe. Something like this:

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Martha, I saw your kitchen in another post and you did wonderful job. I think your hood type would probably be better then the wood chimney ones that I posted in my original thread.

Writersblock, thanks for your comments about not dominating the room and for the picture.

I'm posting a picture that I save a while back with a more square hood with inset cabinets.

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Kathy Rivera

I have a large one in an contrasting color. It is also deeper than standard so that it can actually capture stuff from the front burners (KD is an avid cook, so he knew to do this). Many warned me against the contrasting color at the beginning and said it would weigh everything down, etc etc. Now that it's done, people compliment it all the time. It also is something a lot of people here really liked in my reveal. what you want! :)

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Kathy Rivera

I forgot to add - many people were saying they didn't like the chimney, they didn't like space between cabs and hood, I should try a box. I think marthatoo's above is gorgeous! BUT, in my kitchen, I didn't like it. It looked like a huge box to me in the renderings from KD. When I saw the hood in the contrasting stain, it just felt right to me. Take other's opinions in and think about them (b/c there are a lot of people here who know a great deal), but in the end, do what you love!

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Kathy, Thanks for sharing your picture. Looks very nice.

I do like to listen to everyone's opinions. That what's great about this site, people aren't afraid to voice their opinions. I always don't agree, but sometimes people make me think about something I didn't. In the end I learned that you have to do what is going to make you happy even if others don't agree.

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Do you remember where you got that pictures of that kitchen? I need more information on that cabinet color. I love the color of those cabinets. Creamy white without the yellow tent. The hood is awesome too!

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Tikilyn, I downloaded the picture back in 2011. Fortunately I found the original website that I have the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link for Tikilyn

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Thank you aires61,

I sent private message to then asking what the color was. Hope they will reply and let me know.

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Sophie Wheeler

It's all about proportion. You have to have the hood be shorter overall than with a tall ceiling, so you have to pay attention to both width and depth and ornamentation. Marthastoo's works because of the proportions, and the fact that it's not overloaded with deco details. Whereas the proportions of the one tnat aries61 posted isn't too bad, but it's way too much detail for the ceiling height. This is something that is easy to get wrong.

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Tikilyn, I hope they answer you. If they do, let me know. This was one of the first inspirational kitchens. I like what they did with the back splash too.

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I have a wood hood with 8 foot ceilings. Here is an old link - I recently updated the pics as the link was broken, so scroll down to the bottom... good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: my kitchen

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hollysprings, I will keep that in mind with regards to the width, depth and ornamentation. I do like Marthastoo hood, enough but not to much detail.

The picture I posted I think would have looked a little better if it was a little wider to match the drawer base with applied legs. I think the bead board draws your attention because of the width of the hood. Also, I think that the crown molding is a little busy too.

That's one thing that I love above this forum, you get all types of advice from everyone.

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Found this on Houzz today. Looks like an 8' ceiling to me.

I like the cabinets, flooring and color of the kitchen cabinets .

Traditional Kitchen by Sullivan Cabinets & Cabinetry Monarch Cabinetry

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