My Anger Management Quilt

toolgrannyMay 31, 2013

I feel so much better. I pulled out a UFO, any UFO would have worked, and finished it up to work off my anger. This one is now finished. I am working on a second one as well but it is queen size and will go off to the long armer before I post it.

I know you will ask - why this strange pattern. We are mechanical engineering people so I made this for my husband. He loved it. I had taken a class from Deb Karasik (and if you ever get a chance to, jump in. She's hilarious.) She does the New York Beauty style of paper piecing. I made a quilt with all the spiky points and should drag those out and finish it as well. But, when I was done, I did this one cutting the points off. I sent her a picture and called it "Look Mom, no points!". She loved it.

So here's my gears. Colors aren't true. It has a lot of purple and the border is a hand-dyed lavender. But, you get the idea.

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That is a very cool quilt! A great way to show how you can take a technique and make it 'yours'!

Pull another UFO out and work on it. By the time you finish one more, you'll be in a better frame of mind to work calmly on something new.

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Of course those are gears! I recognize them!!! You were so angry innovative!!! Great job as always, Linda.


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Looks great! Sorry it took anger to do it though. Hope things are going smoothly now.

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I love it! Sorry about the situation that caused your anger -- but what a productive way for you to work through it -- and the grinding and mashing of gears --- Perfect choice of UFO to get your emotions in check.
On the creative side -- love the Deb Karasik story. I would love to take a workshop from her. It is fun to see others' interpretations of what the Instructors are teaching. Sometimes they aren't as receptive in the creative liberties we take in class - oh well :) Yours is truly an expression of your life -- anger included. You did a great job!

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That is a wonderful quilt! And so you, Linda! I love it.


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What a unique quilt. And such a great way to work off anger. You go girl!


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Nice, and no points is good. Our bike club is COGS (Cyclists of Greater Sylacauga) and that would make a great pattern for a quilt. We use a cog design as a trail marker and it has come to represent the bike trail and the club. Need to make an arrow, then I have another for my ever growing list.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sylaward Trail

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Congratulations, it's GREAT work. Wonderfully effective,
graphic quality of the high contrast of pastels to darks, works incredibly well. Of course gears have no points, so it's perfect, creatively innovative indeed!

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Maybe you should be angry more often if that is the results.
Congratulations all the way around. Good job.

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LOL. I looked at the picture before reading your note and thought - only an engineer .... and I was right!
I love it - it's so geeky!
(Also an engineer and a sometimes geeky quilter)

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I LOVE this quilt! I LOVE it so MUCH!

I'm married to an engineer, and I was an electron microscopist in my early years. I showed this photo to DH, and he wants one, LOL.

Geeks unite!

Excellent work.

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How cool is that...,perfect for the engineer - nice job Linda and ...the colors work great in your design!

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Showed my DH (also an engineer) and he says it would be cool to take off the outer wedge of the center squares and make them interlocking cogs. Easy for him to say! but it would look cool.

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If that's what being angry can do for you, you should get pissed off more often. Geeky indeed. I love it.

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