New shutters/roof/door paint-need color help

randitaApril 3, 2011

We are slowly getting our house ready to sell. The interior is freshly painted and other than a bit of new flooring, it's ready. We need to work on the outside.

We need new shutters (second floor shutters are very faded), a new roof and exterior doors painted.

Here are pictures of our house. I would appreciate suggestions on colors. Only the top part of the front door is visible because of the storm door, but I included a picture of the front door with the storm door open.

My ideas now are: 1) keep similar colors but just all new-but blue may not be the thing now, 2) black shutters and charcoal gray roof-don't want a black roof-too hot, don't know what color for the door 3) some shade of dark green for shutters and door.

But I'm open to any and all suggestions. The first floor brick has to be dealt with as far as door color goes. I love red doors, but don't know if that would work against the brick.

Thanks for you help.

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For your style of home, I've always noticed & liked the look of British racing green trim;
it's a very dark green with a little black mixed in, & it's sharp, dramatic, classic, & eye-catching.

Good luck!

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Sylviatexas, thanks for the suggestion. My husband loves green, so I will look into the dark green. On our previous house, we did have green/black shutters and we liked them very much.

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Each region of the country has it's own look. I'm not sure if would be considered appropriate for you area.
Personally, I would update the white and go with a light to medium shade of tan/taupe or even a sage/olive if it would work with the brick. I'm partial to black shutters and a black door. I can't tell if the dark colored brick is a black or a brown so the above mentioned choice might be a better choice if it is a dark brown. I would absolutely get rid of the blue because that makes the house look more dated.

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adellabella, thanks for the suggestions.

The siding is in good shape so it's not being replaced. It stays white. We're trying to be reasonable about what we update/replace as we don't think we'll get our money back when we sell on the upgrades.

The dark in the brick is more black than brown so black shutters/door would work.

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Try posting on the Home Decorating Forum. There are people there who can photoshop different colors for you. Give you a real look at how changing colors will appear.


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This forum rocks. I have always fretted over choosing colors for my doors when I decide to repaint them for the new year. Thanks for the great comments everyone!

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I think the blue in your door is very pretty. personally your current shutters would not keep me from buying your home. Have you thought about just repainting them? It is much cheaper than replacing them. That is what we did an they look so much better. For what its worth we have a green roof and did dark green shutters. I would do a darker blue for yours...almost black.

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I think it is okay to keep the current colours. Though blue may not be the in thing right now, I feel it works best with your current colour scheme. It really complements the look of the house very well.

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